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A powerful and feature rich plugin for Divi theme. Divi Plus adds a lot of module to the builder which allows creating stunning pages.

Glimpse of the Divi Breadcrumbs Module

Divi plus breadcrumb example 1
Divi plus breadcrumb example 2

Divi with added breadcrumbs won’t only help the website’s visitor, but it also proves to be essential in indexing the web pages in an organized way at servers’ depository. It helps search engines to crawl your site with ease and store useful information about your website in the server’s database. Moreover, a well-indexed website always has priority in search results than a poorly indexed one. Thus, an SEO optimized website with greater number of visitors.

…Even More!

Divi plus breadcrumb example 3
Divi plus breadcrumb example 4

Here Are the Other Modules Available in the The Divi Plus Plugin