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Divi Image Mask Module

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

Engaging and attractive images make your website look more relevant. Different sort of images does different work, so here we bring you an image mask module powered by Divi gives a different texture to any image.

An image mask makes your image more appealing, it adds a nice artistic effect on your images. Divi image mask module comes with 11 amazing custom masks- Arrow, Circle, Leaf, Splodge, Star, Square, Speech Bubble, Fluid, Heart, Shield, Music that will enhance the appearance of your website design.

Divi Image Mask

Moreover, the above features Divi image mask provides you 8 mask styles with each mask. With this feature, you can apply a single mask with a different style to an image.

This isn’t it, Divi image mask module also provides 8 Element styles- Grid, Circle, Line, Plus, Square, Star, Triangle, Fluid that can add a more sophisticated look to your pages.

After choosing an image to be masked you can apply different mask settings in the design tab you can change the width, scaling, rotation (0 to 360 degrees) of the mask. With the help of an advanced feature, Mask position you can change the mask position horizontally and vertically that adds special effects to your existing image mask. All the usual settings like box-shadow, transform, and animation is also available to render a better and smoother user interface.

With the Divi Image mask module, you get the additional modules- Floating image, Image Card, Image Hotspot, Image Accordion that can be used to modify the images and appearance of the layout.

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