Introducing All In One Carousel For Divi this festive season

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Divi Floating Image

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

The Divi Floating Image module allows you to showcase multiple images within a customized container. In this module, you can add an infinite number of images with animations that make your floating image module more attractive.

Divi floating multi images plugin worked on the parent-child concept so you can easily apply some global settings over the whole module like linking and customize the background. You can also customize each child element with specific child content and design tab, in the content tab you can add the image with an appropriate link & in the design tab you can customize the image position- horizontal or vertical alignment, sizing, spacing.

Divi Plus Floating Images

Animations are truly fun and easy to use and this power pack multi-image floating module provides lots of animation effects:

  • Floating images -: up/down & left/ right;
  • Animation speed curve -: Ease in-out, Ease, Ease-in, Ease- out, Linear
  • Animation Repeat:- infinite, initial;
  • Animation duration & Animation delay

Using an image element between your section of webpages is an incredible method to break up the page and add a dash of additional details to make your site stand apart from the crowd. So you should go with Divi Floating modules that just not only add the images on your site also creates awesome animations.

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