Divi Testimonial Slider

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

In the world of online business and advertisement, one thing that is vital for any business is to gain more trust & support of new users & that is possible through showcasing the reviews of the potential customers who are delighted with your services & products.

Divi Plus has launched Divi Testimonial Slider a more suitable way to display user testimonials. In this Free Divi Testimonial Slider, you can show as many testimonials as you want on your website. Just not it, you get to display the ratings, author image, name, & designation of your clients.

Divi Plus Testimonial Slider

Our Divi Theme Testimonial Slider has 2 layouts one with the content on top with a star rating and an image just below it with the name, designation, & company details on the right, another layout has the image on the top & below it comes the content, star rating, user name, designation, & company.

This Divi Testimonial Slider Module allows sliding effects like cube, slide, coverflow, flip, & also provides ease for enabling slideshow, loop, autoplay, arrows on both directions, pagination, & equalize testimonial height for easy & better-looking navigation.

The layout of the Testimonial Slider can also be customized for the background enrichment by setting the single testimonial background color, image, gradient. Moreover, the quote icon can also be used for opening & closing but that’s entirely your choice.

The Slider is tailor-made & allows to set the size, color, custom position of testimonials, meta separator color, & many more settings. The Testimonial Slider is crafted using the handy Divi Plus modules solely to give your website a look & feel of trustworthiness.