Divi Timeline Module

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

Moments, stories, and life journeys are worth telling. And with a timeline, they left greater essence to the readers. Thus, the Divi Timeline module of the Divi Plus plugin provides you with the tools to engrave your key moments in an exciting timeline. Plus, it comes with multiple layouts and customization options that can make your beautiful memories look better just like they are.

Multiple Divi timeline layouts  

The Divi Plus Timeline module for Divi theme comes with multiple Divi vertical timeline layouts. Apply them to your website easily when sharing amazing moments in the timeline. The available timeline vertical layouts are Icon & Date Tree layout. One will add a Divi timeline with icons, and the other would add a timeline having the date on them. Thus giving you diversity when it comes to sharing your key moments on your website in the form of a timeline from beginning to the end.

Multiple Content Placements Styles

In addition to the multiple timeline layouts, the Divi Plus Timeline module also provides you with the option to make changes in the placement of the timeline content. The available placement options are Alternate (places timeline content at more than one position), Right, and Left. Thus, giving you more opportunities to bring diversity in the creation of Divi timelines.

And many more customization options

Apart from these essential features of the Divi Timeline module, this module also hosts multiple other features. All can bring more uniqueness and beauty to the timeline content. The more features of the module allow you to add timelines with no limits and apply timeline icon color change on the scroll. Customize timeline item background, add timeline dates in multiple styles, and more features that you can use to create timelines to share your worth remembering life events or moments.

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