Divi Image Magnifier

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

What does an image magnifier do? The image magnifier is just like a magnifying glass that can be hovered over an image to see the detailed view.

Divi Image magnifier is a smooth and responsive image module. This Divi Plus module is very handy just add an image and you won’t require any extra setup. This module is a complete package that works only with a few clicks, and you can also easily align the image.

Divi Image Magnifier

Divi magnifier displays every minute details of products, which is very useful for customers who want to pay attention to every detail. Using this Divi module user is capable of viewing the highly magnified image just by hovering over it.

Divi image magnifier module magnifies images easily and quickly and it is lightweight to load, you can bring the image magnifier in just seconds. All these above features make this Divi Plus module dynamic and responsive. In the image magnifier module, you can control the speed and size of the lens. In the Divi magnifier picture module, you can also customize the border-color and width of the lens.

Add images on your site with the Divi image magnifier offers by Divi Plus to give visitors the best visuality.