Understanding your rights and responsibilities

Welcome to, the premier destination for innovative WordPress products including plugins, themes, and child themes, developed by Elicus Technologies Private Limited (“Elicus”). By accessing or using any of our products, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this License Agreement. This document is designed to ensure a clear understanding of the rights and obligations of both Elicus and our esteemed users.


License Grant and Scope

All our digital products are proudly licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2) or later, embracing the principles of free software. This grants you the freedom to use, modify, and redistribute our products under the terms of the GPL. Additionally, our products may incorporate resources that are also licensed under the GPL or similarly open licenses, ensuring a consistent and legal framework for open-source usage.


Use of Third-Party Resources and Images

Third-Party GPL Resources: Our plugins may include third-party GPL-licensed resources. We ensure that all such resources are appropriately licensed and compatible with the GPL, enabling seamless and worry-free integration into your projects.

CC0 Images in Demos: Demonstrations of our products may feature images that are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), which are public domain and can be used freely. While these images are safe for use, we recommend reviewing the terms of individual images if you plan to use them outside our demos to ensure compliance with any applicable licenses.


Product Licensing Details

Annual License: Grants access to support, updates, and downloads for the purchased products for one year from the date of purchase. This license allows use on unlimited websites, offering flexibility for developers and businesses alike.

Lifetime License: Offers the same benefits as the Annual License but without the need for renewal. Support, updates, and downloads for all purchased products are available for the lifetime of the products, with no limitation on the number of websites


Support and Updates

A valid license key is required to access our dedicated support, receive product updates, and download products. Our support team is here to assist with product-specific issues and queries through our official website, We are committed to providing updates that enhance functionality, security, and compatibility.



Discontinued Licenses

Please note that single-site licenses or any other license types previously offered have been discontinued and replaced with our current, more flexible licensing options. Users who purchased licenses under the old terms will continue to be supported until the end of their respective terms.



Modifications and Customizations

You are encouraged to modify and customize our products to fit your needs, in alignment with the GPL. However, Elicus assumes no responsibility for these modifications or their effects. Please ensure that any third-party resources used in such modifications are also GPL-compatible.



Termination and Liability

This License Agreement is effective until terminated. Non-compliance with any of its terms will result in automatic termination of your rights under this Agreement. Our products are provided “as is,” and while we strive for excellence, we disclaim any warranties to the fullest extent permitted by law. Elicus shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use of our products.



Agreement Updates

Elicus reserves the right to modify this License Agreement at any time. Such modifications will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. By continuing to use our products after these changes are made, you accept the revised Agreement.



Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding this License Agreement or our products, please reach out to us through our contact us page.