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know more about our product licenses

What type of license Divi Extended provide for the plugins, layouts and child themes?

Our products are licensed under the GNU Public License version 2.0 (click here to find out more about the GPLv2).

When you purchase paid products, you will receive access to a support service for those products for a period of one year depending on the type of the license you’ve purchased. For single site license, support is available for 1 website for a period of 1 year. Furthermore, the extended license comes with support for unlimited websites for lifetime. You may renew the support service for your paid products on the anniversary of your paid products’ purchase.

What are Divi Extended membership perks?

By joining Divi Extended membership program, you’ll get the following benefits to create a beautiful website,

Access to our every premium Divi Plugin. 

Access to all the premium Divi Child Themes available at our store.

Access to our every premium Divi Layout.

And access to all our future products.

What’s the difference in an annual and the lifetime membership of Divi Extended?

Annual: By joining our annual membership plan, you’ll get all the membership perks with 1-year customer support and product updates.

Lifetime: Our lifetime membership plan gives you all the membership plan perks as well as lifetime customer support. And the good thing is, there will be no renewal, forever!

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