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The new update of Divi introduced major changes to its framework which is directed towards speed and performance improvements. In order to adapt to this major change, most of the third-party plugins including ours will require a compatibility release.

We already working on it and an update for our products is on its way which will correct the issues being experienced.

In order to address this issue, for now, there are a few options you could try before we release the updates.

1. Turn off “Dynamic CSS” in Divi Theme Options > General > Performance
2. Roll back to the previous version of Divi.
3. If you are using Divi Blog Extras, add the following CSS to the page or Divi Theme options. (You can delete this code after the next Divi Blog Extras update. Meanwhile, we are working on the compatibility release and it will be available in 2-3 days.)

.et-waypoint:not(.et_pb_counters) {
opacity: 1;

We understand how difficult things could be when something on a website breaks. A recommended general solution, in this case, is to defer updating major releases for at least a week (if it’s not a security update). This gives time to developers to get their products ready without causing any issue to your live website.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

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