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Layouts plugin for Divi with quality layouts library and dedicated panel to preview and import layouts.

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Unlimited websites

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Powerpacked Layouts Plugin for Divi

Design everything that comes to your mind using the Divi Layouts Extended. A layouts cloud full of unique design options to build websites and web page elements of any kind. It’s a wonderful plugin that will provide you with wonderful pre-built Divi templates using the 1-click import option.

More Layouts, More Possibilities, Single Plugin: Divi Layouts Extended

For a better design, you need better resources, and with Divi Layouts Extended, you get ultimate Divi premade layouts full of elegance, visibility, and flexibility to be customized. Plus, it includes over 2100+ layouts meaning you’ve got a handful of opportunities to try and build a website out of the norm. Say it layout library or layouts cloud – Divi Layouts Extended is the best tool to find trending, eye-catching and beautiful layouts for a Divi website.


Divi Header Layouts

230 Headers

Incredible header layouts to help you leave a lasting first impression.

Divi Footer Layouts

140 Footers

Create and convey your content efficiently with brilliant footer layouts.

Divi Hero Section Layouts

110 Hero Section

Give an appealing glimpse of your website with hero section layouts.

Divi Button Layouts

90 Button

Motivate users to take action with non-intrusive button layouts.

Divi Blog Layouts

70 Blog

Share content on your website in an elaborative manner with blog layouts.

Divi Call To Action Layouts

65 Call To Action

Creative CTA Layouts to persuade users to interact and generate leads.

Divi Services Section Layouts

50 Services

Excellent service layouts that convey content accurately and elegantly.

Divi About Section Layouts

80 About

Tell your story or showcase your business with clean, modern designs using Divi about sections.
Divi Contact Form Layouts

40 Contact Form

Superb form designs to make it convenient for users to fill out details.

Divi Pricing Table Layouts

75 Pricing Table

Make pricing tables look elegant by presenting them in attractive ways.

Divi Team Section Layouts

55 Team

Portray your team’s identity in many elegant ways with team sections.

Divi Testimonial Section Layouts

50 Testimonials

Using testimonial layouts, you can brightly share significant responses.

Divi FAQs Section Layouts

40 FAQs

Sleek FAQ designs that display most common concerns in a classy way.

Divi Countdown Timer Layouts

45 Countdown Timer

With gorgeous countdown timers, take the excitement to the next level.

Divi Woo Section Layouts

95 Woo Sections

Make the most of your Divi WooCommerce store using the Woo Sections.

Divi Email Optin Layouts

50 Email Optin

Display pleasant forms that attract users to opt-in without a doubt.

Divi Number Counter Layouts

45 Number Counter

Gorgeous number counters which showcase numbers in majestic ways.

Divi Features Section Layouts

50 Features

Display product or service features in a well-organized manner.

Divi Tabs Layouts

30 Tabs

Display every crucial info in a concise manner with creativity.

Divi Portfolio Layouts

10 Portfolio

Showcase your work to the fullest with simplified portfolio layouts.

Divi Gallery Layouts

30 Gallery

Make every moment special using the elegant Gallery layouts.

Divi Accordion Layouts

20 Accordion

Bring novelty to the content with interactive accordion layouts.

Divi Timeline Layouts

10 Timeline

Use the Timeline layouts to add the best memories in the best creative way.

Divi Business Hours Layout

30 Business Hours

An attractive way to display your workplace timings by using the business hours.

Divi Client Logo Layout

30 Client Logo

Build trust among new customers by easily showing previous clients’ logos.

Divi Slider Layouts

20 Slider

Add amazing content with image and button on interactive sliders.

Divi Service Table Layouts

30 Service Table

Present your business services clutter-free and beautifully.

Divi Top Bar Layouts

65 Top Bar

Add more value to your header with a top menu having key details.

Divi List Layouts

35 List

Add clear and extra info about services or products creatively.

Divi Grid Layouts

10 Grid

Use Grid styling to display beautiful images enriched with information.

Divi Process Layouts

20 Process

Explain the whole service process to clients in an interactive way.


Divi Landing Page

47 Landing

Put the right impression with clutter-free elegant landing pages.

Divi Shop Page

30 Shop

Let users spend more time on the shop built using unique layouts.

Divi Product Page

55 Product

Make product pages look modern, elegant and highly informative.

Divi Cart Page

20 Cart

Help customers to review everything with clarity on the cart page.

Divi Checkout Page

20 Checkout

Present all the fields with the sense of utmost trust and safety.

Divi Coming Soon Page

15 Coming Soon

Website under design? Use creative Coming Soon layouts to impress users.

Divi 404 Page

10 404

Make full benefits of 404 using the highly functional 404 layouts.

Divi Thank You Page

10 Thank You

Redirect users to a thank you page that truly conveys the message.

Divi Contact Page

13 Contact

Superb form designs to make it convenient for user to fill out details.

Divi About Page

20 About

Layouts to introduce your business and organization to the audience.

Divi Services Page

30 Services

Make an impact by displaying each post on your website gorgeously.

Divi Single Services Page

15 Single Services

Add in-depth details of a service using the engaging Single-service page layouts.

Divi Team Page

30 Team

Display all your team members effectively using the Team page layouts.

Divi Single Team Page

10 Single Team

Share more about a team member with individual team member page layouts.

Divi FAQ layout

08 FAQs

Use the FAQs page layouts to showcase frequently asked questions clearly.

Divi Pricing Page

08 Pricing

Give more reasons to try your service using the clear Pricing page layouts.

Divi Portfolio Page

07 Portfolio

Win clients easily with the help of attractive Portfolio page layouts.

Divi Testimonials Page

08 Testimonials

Showcase customer testimonials on a separate page to build long-lasting trust.

Divi Post Page

25 Post

With high readability and unique design, engage readers immensely on your posts.

Divi Search Page

10 Search

Make it easier for users to find things on clutter-free search pages.

Divi Home Page

16 Home

Modern and eye-catching home page layouts covering different businesses.

Divi Project Page

05 Project

Showcase your work in the most amazing way you can.

Divi Lookbook Page

03 Lookbook

Modern and high-visibility eCommerce layouts for amazing shops.

Divi career page

05 Career

Present available job openings, job benefits and company work culture on a separate page.

Divi layouts

Optimized Header and Footer Layouts for Easy Navigation

Headers and footers are the necessity of a website to guide users in the right direction. And this plugin provides you with highly-optimized divi navigation layouts that take users to the right place without confusion. Further, these include different elements that enhance their use to the fullest. For example, social media icons, subscribers form, CTAs and more.

divi header and divi footer

Outstanding Blog and Post Layouts for High Readability

Reach a wider audience by publishing quality posts and keep them engaged using the blog post and post templates included with Divi Layouts Extended. It comes with the best blog layouts that allow you to present your thoughts with more clarity and visibility. All Divi post templates are designed keeping the latest trends in mind that engage users with the content for extended periods. Thus, you get more user sessions and high rankings in the search.

Start Strong and Impress Effectively Using Hero Sections and CTA Layouts

Capture users’ attention as soon as they land on a page using the highly attractive hero sections and CTA layouts. Use vivid images, bold content and more to provide users with a rich experience the moment your website loads in front of their eyes. Utilize highly creative CTA layouts to create excitement in the users’ minds with number counters, videos, and more to motivate them to take your targeted action.

divi hero section

Level Up eCommerce Store With Engaging Woo Sections and Pages

Make announcements, highlight product launches, show discounts and more with the pre-built WooCommerce sections you get with this plugin. And in addition to the sections, you get highly modern store pages such as Product, Cart, Shop and Checkout. Using these pages and sections, you’ll be able to transform your Divi eCommerce site altogether without missing any part.

Let Them Subscribe Through Beautiful Opt-Ins

Provide your users with a clear area to subscribe to your emailing list. The Divi Layouts Extended include several email opt-in sections suitable for websites of any industry. Whether you need an email opt-in for a medical website or for a simple blog, the layouts included with this plugin won’t disappoint both you and your visitors.

Add Eye-Catching Landing Pages

In addition to the eye-catching hero sections and CTA layouts, the plugin also includes pre-built Landing pages for various occasions. Whether you’re targeting an ad or explaining your products or services to the user, you get landing pages to fulfil all your Divi web designing needs. These Divi theme layouts include content areas, different elements, and sections to explain/show different things such as team members, testimonials, services and a lot more to build a landing page that reflects everything of your goal.

There are over 45 landing pages, which you can use however you like because they’re customizable, too.

Show Experience and Expertise Using Number Counters

Got huge experience or expertise in your field and want to showcase it to visitors in the best way possible? Then guess what? The Number Counters layouts included with this plugin are perfect for your skill showcase. These number counters have background images, percentage signs, icons, circular bars and more to express your skills, experience, or other countable subjects creatively and beautifully.

divi countdown timer

Bring Your Team Under Spotlight Using Team Sections

Leave no one behind, and bring your professional and highly qualified team to the front using this plugin’s modern Divi team sections. Whether your website represents a community or business, these team layouts can fit superbly into any specification. With these team layouts, you can display members’ images, bio, designation, and social media profiles.

divi team module

Let Your Past Customers’ Words Work For You Through Interactive Testimonials

Divi Layouts Extended also includes testimonial layouts to help you showcase reviews from your customers, clients or users. Using these testimonial layouts, you can display reviews interactively on a slider with multiple layouts and effects. Furthermore, you can list testimonials in a grid with a masonry design. Plus, they all will be star-rating schema optimized. Thus, with trust and design, you’ll also get engaging rating snippets on the search. These layouts include the author’s image, review, quote sign and designation for an exciting view.

divi testimonial slider

Add Content Precisely Using Optimized Tabs

Eat less space on the site and add crucial information as concisely and beautifully as you can using the Tabs layouts. Add vertical tabs or horizontal tabs, or both, you get layouts to change your content orientation whenever needed. Plus, use layouts with the image in the background or color; it’s totally up to you – Divi Layouts Extended provides you with all the possibilities.

Readable, Spacious and Easy Contact Form Layouts

Capture or receive better leads with transparent and motivating contact forms. The layouts we have added to the plugin are designed to increase user focus while interacting with the form. This will help them utilize the fields efficiently, and they’ll submit queries without error or missing information. You can also display Google Maps, social media icons, contact details and more to make the most out of your contact forms.

divi contact form

Lots of Layouts, Less of Worry: Quality and Dedicated Support

With lots of layouts, you also get quality support from us. No matter what issue you face using the Divi Layouts Extended, you can reach out to us without hesitation. And we’ll do our best to resolve the issue. Our purpose is to simplify how you design with Divi, and this plugin and our support will allow you to do that immensely.

Keep Going, Keep Growing – Regular Updates, More Possibilities

Right now, there are hundreds of layouts, and soon there will be thousands of. The plugin will get regular updates to add more layouts and improve the style of existing ones to help you stay ahead in the market no matter how fast curves it takes. With Divi Layouts Extended, you’d never have to worry about how your website will look in the future because, with this Divi layouts cloud, the future of Divi web designing is brighter than bright.


What is Divi Layouts Extended?

Divi Layouts Extended is an all in one plugin for Divi for all your layouts need. It includes a large collection of Divi layouts available in a dedicated panel to preview and add to your Divi Library. Once the layouts are added to the library, you can add them to your pages or site using Divi builder as required.

Is Divi Layouts Extended compatible with all Divi child themes?

Yes, Divi Layouts Extended can work with any Divi child theme.

What support options are available for Divi Layouts Extended users?

Users can access documentation for setup and customization guidance and submit support tickets for additional assistance.

Can I use Divi Layouts Extended for multiple websites?

Yes, the Divi Layouts Extended plugin licenses are available for unlimited sites, with options for annual or lifetime updates and support.

What do I need before installing the Divi Layouts Extended plugin?

You need, WordPress + Divi installed and active to be able to use Divi Layouts Extended plugin. If you need to use WooCommerce layouts, you must have WooCommerce plugin installed too.

Do the FAQ layouts in the plugin follow the FAQ schema format?

All the layouts that we provide in our Divi Layouts Extended plugin are created using native Divi modules, Divi’s native design settings, and some JS and CSS. Because in the native Divi modules, there is no FAQ Schema module so the FAQ section layouts we offer in our Divi Layouts Extended do not have that either.

What should I do if I encounter errors while installing Divi Layouts Extended?

If you encounter errors while installing Divi Layouts Extended, first, ensure that you have the latest Divi Builder installed. This step is crucial as outdated versions may cause compatibility issues. Once you’ve confirmed that you have the latest Divi Builder, proceed to adjust the upload_max_filesize and php_post_max_size settings on your hosting server. You can contact your hosting service provider for assistance in making these adjustments. After adjusting the settings, retry the installation of Divi Layouts Extended. This process should resolve any issues encountered during the installation.

How can I access support for the Divi Layouts Extended plugin?

Support for the Divi Layouts Extended plugin varies with your license type. Yearly licenses offer support as long as they’re active, and lifetime licenses provide lifetime support.

What is the refund policy for the Divi Layouts Extended plugin?

The Divi Layouts Extended plugin offers a 14-day refund policy. This means you can request a full refund within 14 days of purchase if the plugin doesn’t meet your expectations or you decide it’s not the right fit for your needs.

What happens if I decide not to renew my yearly license?

Your product will continue to work but to get regular update and support, you will need to have an active license.

1 review for Divi Layouts Extended

  1. Sharon Warren

    I’ve been a Divi Extended fan for a few years. I started off with buying a single module and liked the product so much I purchased the lifetime membership. Recently I have downloaded ‘Divi Layouts Extended’. It is a masterpiece, so easy to access pre-build designs that are professionally made. I’m a novice website designer, but my websites look like they’re created by the most professional, up-to-date, cutting edge web designer. Thanks Marshall and the Divi Extended team, your great products keep getting better and better.

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