Divi Timeline

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

Behind the success of an online business, there is an attractive web design that draws in potential clients. Keeping in mind the same Divi Plus has launched a Divi Timeline Module to make the web page look cleaner & beautiful at the same time.

Divi Timeline Module is incomparable within just a few clicks your website would be the one that every user will favor & you are ready to convert visitors into potential clients. You can add Divi Plus Timeline Title as many as you want to show on your website and just customize it in no time.


The Divi Timeline offers several features to configure like display time, you can use an icon, upload an image on each timeline, also optimize the text with settings like font style, size, color, text-shadow, spacing, alignment, & height in each timeline.

This amazing module has 2 Divi Timeline Layouts – Icon Tree & Date Tree, each of which is unique in its own way. Choose the layout you prefer & that best suits your web design with an option to select the placement style of the timeline content- alternate, content in right, or in left.

Customization is unlimited in this Divi Timeline Module, you get to tailor the timeline icon, size, shape- circle or square, & image size. Plus the stem styling is the cherry on top it has the option to style width, color, stem fill color, scroll shape, border, and so on.

This Divi Vertical Timeline module is very resourceful and can personalize the item by using background color, image, gradient, & with the rich filter you get the final look you’ve been longing for.