Divi Image Hotspot Module

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

Create self-explanatory images on your Divi theme website with the all-new Divi Plus Hotspot module. It allows users to create pictures with spot areas and information on them. Using this module, you’ll be able to create Divi image hotspots real quick and easy. It comes with multiple styling options that make a hotspot look more attractive and beautiful. This module also allows users to add pulse effects on the spot areas that highlight them very creatively. After using this module, you won’t need any separate Divi image hotspot plugin because this module does everything very smoothly when it comes to creating hotspot images.

See Them in Action

Divi image hotspot
Divi image hotspot plugin
This module gives users the ability to add hotspot markers of multiple types that are Icon, Image, and Text. All three marker types come with separate styles and features that you can apply according to your needs. You can also adjust the placement of the marker types and add shape to them. Available shapes available for hotspot markers are Circular and Square. Moreover, you can control all the markers from a single settings panel that comes under global styling.

More Layouts

Divi image hotspot module
Divi Image Hotspot
Divi Hotspot image module
Divi image hotspot plugin
Divi image hotspot module

In addition to these features, Divi image hotspot created using this module also comes with entrance animation effects for the tooltip of the marker. Currently, it allows users to add 5 entrance animation effects on the tooltip that is Fade, Grow, Swing, Slide, and Fall. If you want to create impressive and interactive Divi image hotspots, then go and get the Divi Plus plugin, which also comes with other useful Divi modules.