Divi Text Highlighter

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

As we have used highlighter in our times in textbooks to highlight the sentence or some particular words, in the same way with Divi Plus Text Highlighter, you are capable of highlighting important information on your webpage. Highlighted text is extremely eye-catching and noticeable from the plain text, so you can use this module on the text that you need to make significant.

The highlighter available with 7 highlighting styles are zig-zag, underline, double underline, circle, diagonal, cross, and curly line. The Design tab includes highlighter settings of color, stroke width, and animation-delay. Like the other Divi Plus typography modules in text highlighter, you can select the heading tag from the content tab and can perform further customization on the heading in the design tab.

Text Highlighter Module

This module also includes a pre and post text, that allows you to highlight simply a part of a phrase. You can also display the text in stack form. Powerful and responsive control over the settings like text, title, animation, and transform is also available.

Divi plus text highlighter is not only the single module you get with the Divi plus plugin but you also receive 3 more typography modules- Fancy Text, Text Animator, and Fancy Heading. These Divi modules add gradients, color effects, highlighter, and animations that effectively showcase your text.