Divi Form Styler

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

Whenever your customer wants to connect with you, they just click on the contact us page on site, so it becomes essential that the contact form should be beautiful, engaging, and responsive. Alluring & mobile-friendly contact forms help to attract more customers and generate more leads.

Sometimes it becomes crucial to design a contact form that is captivating and looks easy to the customer. So in order to achieve this contact form 7 plugin is the best option you will get.

Contact form 7 is highly customizable, it is simple but flexible, due to this feature you can customize it to match the layout of your website. With the Divi Plus Form Styler, you can create endless designs.

In Divi Form Styler, you just have to select the form in the content tab and the other form styling is achieved in the design tab. It provides strong customization control over the Labels, Input field, Radio field, Checkbox field, Upload field, Submit, and Reset button. With form styler, you can customise the text font, weight, style, color, size, text letter spacing, height, alignment of all fields, and many more element.

Similar to the other modules of the Divi Plus in the form styler module, no extra CSS & coding is required to get the desired result. With Divi Plus Form styler, you could make your contact form 7 appearance just the way you want.

Divi Form Styler