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Divi Business Hours

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

Now it has become our habit to just google what we want to know about, whether it is the visiting hours of a clinic or the business hours of an organization. So, business hours should be systematically displayed on the website. Divi business hour module provided by Divi Plus allows the customer to display the service hours of any industry or workstation. Displaying business working hours on your webpage helps the customer plan their visit accordingly.

Divi Business Hours

Divi Business hour module has all control to display different design for every row and you can customize day & time font, font size, font weight, text alignment, text color, text-shadow, which make this module impressive. The content setting for business hours & days in this module can either be set to be used as a full word or as an abbreviated term.

Like all the Divi Plus modules Business hours module is also user-friendly and self-explanatory so you can easily access & customize its settings as per your requirement. No extra technical knowledge is required, the business owner can easily add business hours on their site.

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