Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between annual and lifetime license?
With annual license, you get access to downloads, update and support for 1 year. You need to renew your license to access to download, update and support after 1 year. In case of lifetime license, you get access to download, update and support for lifetime.
Why I can’t see single site and extended license?
These license types have been discontinued. If you have an existing single or extended license, you could continue to use them with update and support as defined in the license term with your purchase.
Do you provide support for installing Divi child themes and plugins?
We have documentation with the steps required for installing a child theme or plugin. In few cases, if a user has a special request, we do provide assistance in setting up a child theme or plugin. We, however, do not add content to the pages or import all the layouts if there are multiple layouts available in the package.
If you have a child theme or plugin purchased from other website, you can order our installation service.
Where can I find the Divi extended product documentation?
Documentation of Divi Extended products is available on here: https://diviextended.com/documentation/
What is the renewal charge of the annual membership?
The renewal price is same as the regular price. If the first year purchase is made at a discounted price, the renewal will be on regular price too.
Does the plugin come with its own license key?
This process is being implemented. Currently there is no license key required but you will need one to get access to support and updates in coming days.
How to contact your support team?

You may start a Live-chat in case of pre-sales enquiries and for product support requests please create a support ticket from support.diviextended.com.

Please note: For product support enquiries, please always mention the product name, and provide as much relevant information as possible(like screenshots, page URLs etc.) so that we can assist you better.

What happens to my website after one year if I have bought from Elegant themes?
You can continue to use the product and there will be no change on your website. As the product license includes updates and support for only one year on Elegant Themes, so you will not receive them after your license expires.
What is included in the Divi Extended Lifetime Membership?
You will get access to all the Divi Extended products along with access to future products.
How can we share product suggestions and improvement requests?
You may easily make product suggestions and improvement requests by emailing us directly at support 8 diviextended dot com.
If I have purchased a product from Elegant themes and now I have purchased the extended license from Divi Extended today, should I delete the version I have and upload it again or there is a different way to install the Divi Extended version?
As you have purchased from a different platform you need to delete the previous one and download the latest file from our store and install it.
Can we request an upgrade to an extended license even if the purchase was made on Elegant Themes?
Sorry but these both are different platforms and it is not possible to upgrade the Elegant Themes product from the DiviExtended website. You need to purchase it from DiviExtended for the extended license.
Do you offer a free version or a trial of your products?
For most of our plugins, we have a live demo set up link that you can use to generate a test site right away. This is not available for layouts, child themes and some plugins yet. Apart from this, we don’t have a trial or demo version yet.
What is the difference between buying from Divi Extended and buying from Divi Marketplace?
You only get the updates and support for 1 year when you buy our products from the Divi Marketplace, and if you buy from Divi Extended then you get lifetime support and updates with an option to choose between single site and multiple
site license.
Do you have any affiliate program?
Yes, we do have an affiliate program. Please refer here for all the details https://diviextended.com/affiliates/.
If I have purchased the product from the Divi Marketplace, can I renew it from your site?
This is not possible as updates and billings on Divi Marketplace are managed by their own team, so you will have to purchase the product again from there if your license has expired.
Do you charge any GST or Taxes?
For users in India, Payment using PayPal may not work. They need to contact us directly via chat or email and we will arrange an alternate method of payment for them. In this case, a price will be calculated based on the current USD to INR currency rate + 18% GST.
How do I get to know about the next sale?
We offer great discounts on several occasions in a year such as Black Friday on our products and lifetime membership. To get updates about the upcoming sales, you can subscribe to our newsletters from here https://diviextended.com/blog/#de-
How to contact you for business-related enquiries?
We are a growing company and if you have any interesting business idea, please directly email us at [email protected].
What is your refund policy?
If a product is not downloaded after placing the order and a refund request is
made within 14 days, we will happily issue a refund upon request. Please check here for the complete refund policy: https://diviextended.com/refund-policy/
From where I can download a purchased product again?

For our customers a Download link is also available on the ‘My Account’ area of our website. Users can log in using their email address which they have used to place the order and the password set during the order process.

Please note: A download made for each ordered product or any product in a subscription is monitored closely in order to ensure that a user is successfully able to download a product. We reserve the right to terminate the download access in case of download abuse.