frequently asked questions with answers

What Is the Difference Between Single Site and Extended License?
The single site license is meant for use on one web site. However, the extended license can be used on multiple web sites including client sites.
Do You Provide Support for Installing Divi Child Themes and Plugins?
We have documentation with the steps required for installing a child theme or plugin. In few cases, if a user has a special request, we do provide assistance in setting up a child theme or plugin. We, however, do not add content to the pages or import all the layouts if there are multiple layouts available in the package.
If you have a child theme or plugin purchased from other website, you can order our installation service.
How Can I Download My Divi Child Themes or Plugins in Future?
It can be done from the My Account area. Users can log in to My Account area using the registered email address and download the product anytime in future.
Where Can I Find the Divi Extended Product Documentation?
Documentation of Divi Extended products is available on here: https://diviextended.com/documentation/
What Is the Renewal Charge of the Annual Membership?
For first year, the sign up and subscription charge is $199. For the subsequent years, there is 50% discount on the renewals.
How Can I Upgrade From Single to Extended License?
If you have a single site license for a product on Divi Extended, you can contact us for an upgrade. We will create an invoice with the difference amount to upgrade.