Divi Testimonial Grid

a module from the Divi Plus plugin

Every user before making any purchase would want to read the feedback of former buyers who have already used your product or services, so why not give them the opportunity to read the user testimonials in a very unique and user-friendly way.

Divi Grid, a Divi Plus plugin module comes with 2 layouts to design your testimonial section. Layout no. 1 has content on top and below it star rating & author image where name, designation, and company is in the right. Layout no.2 has the image on top then comes the content, star rating, name, designation, and company name below it. Both the layout allows you to use a personalized avatar- a gravatar, for your profile.

Divi Testimonial Grid

One of the things that make these Divi Testimonials more interesting is that here the masonry can be enabled & each testimonial can be collectively presented in a collage. Both the testimonial layouts have a different way of showcasing the user reviews & allows you to show several testimonials at once.

This Divi Testimonial Module controls & regulates all the settings of the displayed testimonials- text, color, position, meta separator, background display, & lets you include the category of the testimonial.

Set the order of the testimonial conveniently in descending or ascending order or just by the date, title, slug, etc. For each setting be it content, display, text, design, animation, spacing, sizing, border, the icon you get to customize them all with just a few clicks.

Gain more attention from your new users and turn them into potential buyers by rendering them a sense of reliability on your products & services using the feature-packed Divi Testimonial Grid Module.