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Facebook Page

Set Global Facebook APP ID

Before you start using the Facebook Page module, first, make sure you’ve inserted the Facebook APP ID in the Divi Plus module’s panel. If you haven’t, follow the steps to know how you can do it.

  1. On your WordPress dashboard, hover to the Settings >> and click Divi Plus to access its further settings.
  2. Go to the Integration tab, and insert your Facebook accounts’ APP ID. You can generate your Facebook APP ID by visiting the link.
  3. After interesting the Facebook APP ID, click Save Changes.


  1. Insert DP Facebook Page module on the page.
  2. Upon insertion of the module, on the Content tab of the module, you get Configuration, Background, and Admin Label settings.
  3. To insert Facebook APP ID other than Global or used in the Integration tab: Go to Configuration of module’s Content tab >> insert the ID in the Facebook APP ID field.
  4. Add the Facebook page you want to display: To display your Facebook page on the website, go to Configuration settings >> then in the Facebook Page URL field >> insert the URL of the Facebook page, you want to display on your website.
  5. To change Facebook page Height dimension: Go to the Configuration settings >> Frame Height >> and do tweaks as needed.
  6. To change Facebook page Width Dimension: Go to the Configuration settings >> Frame Width >> and do tweaks as needed.
  7. Show Events: To display page events in the Facebook Page module, go to the Display settings >> then, inside the Facebook Tabs field, >> select Events.
  8. Allow Users to Send Messages: Go to the Display settings >> then, inside the Facebook Tabs field, >> select Messages.
  9. Disable Followers Profile Picture: Go to Display settings >> check Show Face Pile as NO.
  10. Hide Cover Picture: Go to Display settings >> and check Hide Cover Picture as YES.
  11. Display Like Button Under Page Title & Next to the Page Like’s Count: If you want to display Facebook Page module’s header small with Like Page button under the page title, then go to the Display settings >> Display Small Header >> YES.
  12. Hide CTA and Display Share Button: Go to the Display settings >> Hide CTA >> YES.
  13. Enable Lazy Loading: Go to the Configuration settings >> then check Enable Lazy Loading as YES.
  14. To change the Facebook Page’s alignment: Go to the Design tab >> Alignment settings >> select the alignment option according to the requirement.
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