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Error: There has been a critical error on the website after activating Divi Plus

Each version of our plugin is tested thoroughly before release.

Resource Allocation:

Visit the Divi Support Center page to review and ensure that your website has adequate resources allocated.

It is recommended to have at least the minimum stats. But for better performance, the numbers should be higher. Check with your web host if you running red on these.


In a few cases, if a website has more than one multi-module plugin for Divi, there is more memory required and your site may generate a low memory error if your hosting provider has allocated limited memory and resources to your website. In this situation, manual work to optimize memory usage is required.

Divi Plus has an inbuilt feature that lets you disable the module which is not in use and thus optimize memory usage. You could check for similar features in other multi-module plugins for Divi.

Error Logs:
Examine your website’s error logs for detailed information about the critical error. Access error logs through your hosting account’s control panel or install any debug plugin.These logs can provide insights into the specific nature of the error.

If, after addressing the above steps and reviewing error logs, you are unable to resolve the critical error, please create a support ticket that includes the error log on our support portal.

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