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Blog Timeline

This is a new feature added to the Divi Plus plugin. In order to use this feature, add the DP Blog Timeline module to your page.


Content Settings

  1. Select the number of posts you want to show in the timeline.
  2. If you want to use offset feature and skip first few posts from your selection, use this feature.
  3. Here you can select ascending or descending for ordering your posts. This setting depends on #4.
  4. Select how you want to order/sort your post.
  5. The most commonly used feature, the category selection field will let you select the categories that you want to show blog posts from.
  6. The date format. Usually stays the same but you can use the date order of your choice by constructing the data format string as per PHP/WordPress guidelines.
  7. Enable excerpt or show full content of your blog post.
  8. In the excerpt length, you can specify the number of characters to show in your excerpt.



The Elements section on the content tab will let you control your display settings for information like featured image, date, category, comment count, etc.

Blog Timeline Layout Selection

In order to select a layout, go to Design tab of the module, and then on the Timeline Layout section, pick the layout you want to use for your blog timeline.


Sub Layout Selection

In order to select a sub layout, select it right after the main layout selection.


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