Everyone wants to design or want a beautiful website. Fortunately, in today’s world, you can easily find a pleasant template for your website. Or you can hire a freelance website developer to deliver your dream website. If you’re using WordPress, then there’re lots of options for you to get your perfect website. You can purchase a beautiful theme and install it on your WordPress. And tada! You’ve got your beautiful website.

However, it’s not 100% sure that the theme you chose has all the elements, superfine and good looking. But if you’re using Divi, The Most Popular WordPress Theme, then there are limitless ways, you can create a website more than good and beautiful. Because Divi theme with its Theme Builder gives a user the functionality to customize it as much as possible.

And now, with a new plugin called Divi Plus, your experience to design a Divi website is going to change altogether for better.

What is Divi Plus?

Divi Plus is a powerful multipurpose new plugin designed for the Divi theme to bring more beauty into the website’s elements. It has 5 unique modules that can help a user to design and add several creative elements to a website. And to do so, the user doesn’t have to write a single line of code.

What’s in new Divi Plus plugin?

As we discussed above, it has 5 unique module, than can bring extra in your Divi theme designing. For now, you can add beautiful elements like headings, text, breadcrumb, separator, and a before-after image comparison slider. But that’s not it. Because each module has multiple customization. So, you can create custom headings, text or breadcrumbs according to your creativity.

However, to get this all cool Divi modules, you’ve to first purchase this powerful multipurpose plugin. And After installing it, you’ll get all the module in your Divi modules library with unique green color. And you’re ready to go to design something marvelous with power of Divi and Divi Plus.

Let’s take a quick look of all the modules in Divi Plus.


Maybe you’re new to website designing or not. But one thing everybody knows is that Breadcrumbs are very helpful. Breadcrumbs not merely help users to navigate a website easily. But they also play a great role in indexing a website on a server in the right manner.

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can easily crawl your website. And when a user query something, your website’s page will appear with breadcrumb.

Divi Plus Breadcrumb, add beautiful breadcrumbs on your web pages, that intrigue users and help search engines to list your Divi website’s content on the server depository easily.

divi breadcrumb
See live demo of this module.

Fancy Headings

Headings play a great role in catching the attention of the user to the content. And if you’re headings are not as good as they should. Then no matter how good your content is, the user will ignore it, not even looking at once.

But with Divi Plus Fancy Headings, you have a chance to turn the table upside down. It allows the user to create eye-catching headings with multiple creative combinations.

Users can create headings with background, different colors; can even choose different font styles and weights, without writing a single line of code.

divi fancy heading
See live demo of this module.

Fancy Text

Fancy Text module of Divi Plus gives you the ability to add text with gradient and image background. With fancy text, your content would look more engaging and alive, which the user won’t be able to ignore.

The more your content would look attractive and engaging, the more you’ll build your website’s reputation in the market.

divi plus fancy text
See live demo of this module.


Using Divi Plus, you can add attractive separator lines in between your web page’s content. It has 8 separator lines, and multiple customization options, which you can choose to apply on a separator line of your choice. And not just the separator lines, but it even allows the user to add separator lines with text and icon, too.

separators in divi
See live demo of this module.

Before After Slider

Another awesome feature of Divi Plus plugin is the Before After Slider module. With the help of this module, the user can easily add two versions of an image to display variation in them.

This module has multiple orientations, slider options, and custom label support. So, you can display alternate versions of an image with more than one possibility.

divi before after sliderSee live demo of this module.

It’s just the beginning

Yes, it’s true because Divi Plus is not going to stop here. With each update, it will add more useful Divi modules that will change the way you ever designed your website. Check out a preview of our next module.

Preview of our next module

So, go and try now this powerful multipurpose Divi plugin.

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