Testimonials are an essential part of online business success. They encourage visitors to believe in a product, business or service and thereby make them comfortable in decision making. Users who read a positive testimonial on a website feel confident about making a decision as they know there are others who are happily using the same stuff.

There are many available options to include testimonials on a WordPress website and talking specifically about the Divi theme, there is a module for adding testimonials. This feature, however, requires a manual update to a section where the testimonial is used whenever there is a need for adding/editing or deleting a testimonial.

In this post, we cover the Divi Testimonial Extended plugin which is a product specifically for adding and displaying testimonials on a Divi based website.

How Divi Testimonial Extended can help create stunning testimonial sections with auto-updating testimonials?

Divi Testimonial Extended has three components which work together to achieve it’s desired functionality.

  • Custom Post Type for testimonials
  • Divi builder module
  • Layouts under the Divi builder modules to display the testimonials

These features make the plugin extremely handy and easy to use for adding testimonials on a web page, creating the front-end look-n-feel using the Divi builder module and finally selecting one of the available layouts from the three slider option display the testimonials.

Once a few testimonials are added to a website, the view is created using the builder and it’s up and running. There is no need to visit a page to update or add new testimonials manually on the Divi based website.

The Divi Testimonial Extended module can display new testimonials added to the web site for Custom Post Type area for testimonials. This process is just like creating a normal post or page with the desired values and the testimonials will start showing up on the page.

The page builder module of Divi Testimonial Extended is highly customizable and is fully compatible with the front-end visual builder. This makes the setup easy and fast. The module has an option to select the layout from the Divi builder. Currently, there are three available layouts for displaying testimonials on a web page.

  • Layout 1
  • Layout 2
  • Layout 3

Once the Divi Testimonial Extended module is added to a page and the layout is selected from the module settings, it can be customized like the rest of the Divi modules using the visual builder or classic editor.

divi testimonial module
Divi testimonial extended slider with visual builder support

With this step, the testimonials are ready to be displayed on a web page in the most stunning manner. When there is a new testimonial received from a client/user, it can be added to the site by navigating to the Testimonials post type. This process eliminates the need of editing each page where the Divi testimonial module is added as the Divi Testimonial Extended module will pull the testimonials and get them displayed without editing any page.

The layouts are mobile friendly and fit well on mobile devices.

Like using Divi Testimonial Extended or want to give it a try? Check out the plugin on the product page here. If you’re already using the plugin, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a short review about your experience using the review form at the bottom of the Divi Testimonial Extended product page.

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