Divi is powerful and one of the most popular WordPress theme. It comes with a long list of features and modules which allows creating beautiful websites without interacting with the code.

Blurb module in Divi allows creating beautiful sections using icon, image and text. Divi Blurb Extended is an enhanced version of Divi Blurb which comes with a lot of design elements which can can be used to create nice page sections.

Main features of Divi Blurb Extended are:

Read more button.
Icon placement on right side of the blurb.
On-hover color change for Divi Blurb icon.
Choice of using either image or solid color on front and flipped view of Divi Blurb.
With Borderbox layout, we can order around the blurb and it’s icon and set custom foreground and background color for both of them.
Flipbox layout for showing only icon and blurb heading. The content can be displayed on hover.
Image Card layout allows using image with icon at same time with Divi Blurb.
Easebox layout comes with on hover transition of icons in Divi Blurb.
Works with Divi Theme, Divi Builder Plugin and Extra Theme.

Divi Blurb Extended is the second plugin after Divi Blog Extras from Elicus Technologies built for Divi and integrates within Divi Library after simple installation and activation process.

It can be added to any site running on Divi Theme, Extra and Divi Builder. Here are some screenshots of what can be achieved using Divi Blurb Extended.

Divi Blurb Extended

In this example, Divi Blurb Extended is used to create a simple block where we have a read more button and different background color on hover.

Divi Blurb Extended

In this implementation of Divi Blurb Extended, the icons are placed on the right for first column. The second column has an image and the third column shows icons on the left to give this final layout.

Divi Blurb Extended

This layout is built using Divi Blur Extended – Image Card layout which has an icon, icon shape (circle, square and hexagon). and an image.

Divi Blurb Extended

Social media Icons and links which custom message using Read More button without border in Divi Blur Extended.

Divi Blurb Extended comes with 3 type of license and can be ordered here.

Single site license: Single site license is for single site.
Extended License: This license is for multiple sites including client sites.
Child Them license: This license is for Child theme sellers who like to include Divi Blurb Extended in their Child theme.

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