Smooth scrolling links can be created from a Divi menu item to any section or module on a page.

Here are the basic steps which are involved in this process:

  1. Edit the section/row/module and navigate to Advanced tab.
  2. Assign an ID. It will be used as an anchor and will be visible on the browser’s address bar. In our case, we took meet-the-doctor.
  3. Go to Menu editor and add a custom link with following details:
    1. URL #meet-the-doctor.  (For single page website with all sections on 1 page)
    2. URL (For multiple pages based websites)
    3. Link Text: Anything you prefer. In our case, we used Meet the Doctor.


Divi Menu to Page Link

Step 1


Divi Menu to Page Link

Step 2


Divi Menu to Page Link

Step 3.1


Divi Menu to Page Link

Step 3.2

Check out this video from ElegantThemes on how to set up an Anchor Link on a Divi page. Or get in touch with us for more additional help.

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