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Nov 5, 2020 | Divi Resources

Get free Divi Plus Starter Templates today!

When you get the Divi Plus plugin, you already open multiple opportunities to design a next-level website. Now, with the starter templates, you’ll be able to do that in a much speedy way. You can design an outstanding modern Divi website without putting any extra efforts.

Now, what are starter templates, how you can get them, and how many are available with the plugin? Hold on, don’t rush, we’ll know everything in this blog post.

Let’s get started without any delay.

What are Divi Plus Starter Templates?

The Starter Templates includes homepage layouts and other designing elements created using the modules of the Divi Plus.

Divi Plus Starter Templates

So, when you get the Divi Plus, you don’t need to add modules on the page and then look for design inspiration. Instead, you can easily import these Starter Templates according to your requirement and get your web building work done in minutes. These starter templates can become your foundation for something outstanding and brilliant web project.

How many templates are available?

There are multiple Divi Plus templates included in starter templates, covering different industries keeping the latest design trends in mind. The following are the available starter templates you can have with the Divi Plus plugin.


Divi Plus dental starter template

If you’re thinking of building a dentistry website using the Divi Plus modules, then the Dental starter template would be of great use. This template has similar design specifics that many dental websites have. Plus, it includes CTAs at the top, a consultation form, an about us section with content toggle, a sticky banner, client testimonials with start rating, FAQs, and a couple more useful sections. The footer area also looks useful with contact details, quick links, social icons, and working hours.

Know more about the template here.

Creative Agency

Creative agency template

Another Divi template you get with the Divi Plus plugin is Creative Agency. Using this template, you can quickly set up a modern agency website’s homepage. It includes dual CTAs at the top that changes color on hover. After CTAs, it includes flip boxes, then a beautiful timeline where you can add about your agency’s work process. Apart from these, it comes with a staff section, project counters, a client’s logo slider, and a hotspot image to display your branches with a contact form. At the bottom, it includes business hours, agency address, copyright notice, Facebook feed, and a Twitter timeline.

Know more about the template here.


In need of a modern Freelancer portfolio homepage layout, then the Divi Plus Freelancer starter template is a perfect choice to start with. It has a nice and clear hero space with a CTA and headings with text animation. It also includes Flip boxes to display your skills; a timeline to show your experience, a skills bar; an image portfolio section, a client testimonial section, and a beautiful contact form.

Know more about the template here.


Photography Divi Plus starter template

A captivating photography template with essential Divi Plus elements. The hero space is wide and contains the beautiful animated text. An about me section with flip boxes containing work experience. A modal popup with video in the lightbox, you can use it to display your amazing capture. Moreover, it also includes a timeline, content toggle with images display, a pricing list with beautiful images, a post slider, and at the bottom, an outstanding contact form matching the design specifics with a beautiful background image.

Know more about the template here.


Restaurant Divi Plus starter template

Restaurant layout needs delicious food images and a design scheme that matches that food. The Divi Plus Restaurant starter template has the right design that suits a bakery, ice-cream parlor, and other food chain websites. When you upload this template to your website, you get a beautiful top area with animated text and two CTAs from which one scrolls the page to a reservation form, and another scroll the page to the food menu. The first section of the template includes flip boxes containing cooking specialties. After that, it includes a food menu with thumbnails and pricing. Then you get a gallery, timeline, logo slider, image hotspot featuring restaurant tour, and at the bottom a nicely-created reservation form.

Know more about the template here.


Hotel Divi Plus template

The Hotel template of the Divi Plus starter template has a very clean and clear look. Users would find the content highly readable and engaging. It has a spacious hero space with animated text and an advanced button, having a color change effect. With this template, additional elements you get are number counters, gallery, guest testimonial section, timeline, logo slider, hotspot images, and a beautiful contact form.

Know more about the template here.


Wedding Divi Plus template

If someone is getting married and wants a website that they can use to invite guests and provide more information about the marriage ceremony. Plus, the guests can respond whether they will be available at the event or not. Then, in this case, Divi Plus Wedding template is a nice choice to start with. It includes a wide hero space, where you can put the bride and groom’s image and text with that. The timeline area provides you with a better option to share the couple’s journey or amazing moments. Flip boxes to provide wedding schedule and content toggle to add bridesmaid & groomsman. Apart from these, the wedding template includes contact forms, multiple advanced buttons, an image gallery, and a couple more elements and sections to make the template complete.

Know more about the template here.


Webinar Divi Plus template

If you’re about to host a webinar and want it to look appealing and interactive, you can go with the Webinar template. It contains a nice header section with days counter and an advanced marketing button. Moreover, it also includes multiple sections to add content where you can explain the program’s purpose. In addition to these, there are plenty of flip boxes that you can use to highlight the webinar’s key areas. There are also testimonial sections included where you can display reviews from the attenders.

Know more about the template here.

Black Friday

Black Friday Divi Plus template

Black Friday is near, and it’s the best time to start preparing for it. And to assist you to do it better, the Divi Plus Starter templates include the Black Friday template, too. It includes a beautiful header section that allows you to add exciting texts regarding Black Friday offers. Then, you get another animation text area that you can use to display offers. After that, you get an advanced marketing button and video popup modal. Following these elements, you get a product section created using the flip box to showcase your products or services. There’s a timeline that also comes with the template where you can feature the deals that would go live during Black Friday week. In addition to these, you also get a days counter, Lottie animation, post sliders, client’s feedback section, a Black Friday style contact form, and couple more elements.

Know more about the template here.

Short Landing

Divi Plus Short Landing template

A beautiful header section with animated text and advanced marketing button for high conversion. Suitable for agencies, real estate, and other business website in the same domain.

Know more about the template here.

How you can get them?

To have these starter templates on your system and website, you need to get the Divi Plus plugin. These templates can become your fast & easy solution to build outstanding websites across multiple industries. You don’t have to get additional homepage layouts from a third party and pay more. With Divi Plus, everything is under one roof. You’ll have the powerful modules and these pre-made layouts in a single amount.

Already have the Divi Plus plugin, then download these Starter Templates now!

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