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Boost Knowledge of Divi
July 4, 2022 / Divi Resources / By

Having knowledge of something always helps with the task at hand. The same is true with Divi. If you’re working on a Divi web design, you can always leverage Divi resources. Yet,...

How to use divi plus free layouts
March 25, 2022 / Divi Resources / By

Divi gives you out-of-the-box tools to design a splendid website regardless of the business industry. And what makes that splendid website even more functional and robust is the...

Showing Google Calendar on Divi Websites
March 1, 2022 / Divi Resources / By

A calendar on the website related to businesses that deal with reservations can avoid double bookings. Even if your organization doesn’t specifically work based on bookings and...

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