Month: May 2020

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How to add WhatsApp button on a WordPress site for post sharing and live chat
May 21, 2020 / Divi Resources / By

Custom CSS helps us design interesting and beautiful web pages that are sometimes not possible with default Divi settings. And the option to save..

May 20, 2020 / Divi Resources / By

With the recent update, Divi Blog Extras has become even more functional and creative. Now, users can create Masonry blog pages with the new..

May 18, 2020 / Divi Resources / By

Creating text with animations could be tricky for many. And if you don’t know how to code, then it could become more than tricky...

Oxygen vs Divi
May 12, 2020 / WordPress / By

If you’re on this post, then I can surely say you know very well what a page builder is and what they do. So,..

May 8, 2020 / Divi Resources / By

Note: In this blog post, we’ll show you 10 Divi flip box layouts created using the Divi Blurb Extended plugin. Divi Blurb Extended is..

May 6, 2020 / Divi Resources / By

You have created food menus on your site using the Divi Restro Menu plugin and now wants to add those menu items to a..

May 5, 2020 / Divi Resources / By

In this blog post, we’ll look at how to create flip boxes from the Advanced Flip Box module. We will use the layout 2..