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85 Stunning Divi WooCommerce Templates for Your Store

What type of Divi WooCommerce templates are you looking for? A Divi WooCommerce shop page layout, product page layout, cart layout, or everything? Whether you’re behind one or all, you can always find layouts to fulfill the need to enhance a Divi WooCommerce store. Divi Extended is a premium place to find amazing Divi products, and WooCommerce layouts are one of them. This post features the release of the latest Divi and WooCommerce templates that you would find highly useful.

If you are unfamiliar with Divi Layouts for WooCommerce pack, let’s first briefly check out what it is and how you can use it to enhance your Digital store.

A Brief Overview of Divi Layouts for WooCommerce

For Divi WooCommerce Templates – Divi Layouts for WooCommerce pack is a one-stop solution. An amazing Divi WooCommerce kit that provides you with layouts of different types. Whether you need a WooCommerce shop page template or Divi cart layout, this pack will provide you with everything to enhance a Divi and WooCommerce-powered digital store.

It includes templates for

In addition, you also get Section templates to modify your store’s content per different events. For instance, if you want to add an engaging banner for the Black Friday sale using a Section template, you can do that easily.

The templates are easy to import and ready to use. For instance, select a Divi cart layout, and import it to your digital store and replace the demo content, if there are any. Furthermore, you can customize it per your requirements using the powerful Divi Builder. Thus, you can build or modify a new or existing Divi WooCommerce store quickly and easily.

What’s more interesting about this Divi WooCommerce templates pack is that it receives regular updates. In those updates, you can expect

  • New Templates based on the latest design trends. It could include Divi shop layouts, cart layouts, or anything.
  • Improvements to the existing templates, whether to a single Divi WooCommerce shop page layout or multiple. You can expect improvements to any template this pack include.

Overall, you’re set to get more design choices that will keep your Divi and WooCommerce store new – for many years to come. We’ve added more Product and Divi WooCommerce Checkout page templates in the current update. Let’s head on to them right away.

A Look at New Divi WooCommerce Templates (Product and Checkout Pages)

Previously, there were 5 Checkout page WooCommerce Templates and 30 Product page templates. In the latest update, we’ve added,

  • 5 more new Checkout page templates. (A total of 10 templates now.)
  • And 5 more new Product page templates. (A total of 35 templates now.)

With these new WooCommerce and Divi templates, you can bring the variation to your Divi store. Or, if you’re managing multiple stores, either your own or your clients, you can make them look different altogether. Plus, these can boost your Divi WooCommerce theme look and feel if you use a child theme for the eCommerce store.

Inside these templates, you’d find,

  • Optimized typography for high readability.
  • Better input fields.
  • Use of icons.
  • Improved background.
  • Order details on the same section or between two.
  • Delivery info in the sidebar of the product page.
  • Zoom on hover.
  • Star ratings.
  • Product breadcrumbs.
  • Hero product gallery.
  • Product info in the accordion.
  • Scrollable product gallery and more.

With these in mind, let’s look at our new Divi Checkout page layouts and Product page layouts.

Divi Checkout Page Layouts


Checkout Divi WooCommerce Template 6


Checkout Divi WooCommerce Template 7


Checkout Divi WooCommerce Template 8



Product Page Templates


Product Page Divi WooCommerce Template 31


Product Divi WooCommerce Template 32




Recap on the Previous Update of Divi Templates for WooCommerce

In the previous update of this layout pack, we added 5 new Divi product page layouts and 5 Divi cart layouts. Those were just like the current update, included the latest design options and provided users with a new way to enhance their Divi WooCommerce store.

The product page layouts included,

  • Clear descriptions.
  • Related products.
  • Horizontal product images.
  • Products in the sidebar and more.

Likewise, the Divi cart page layouts included,

  • Customized product thumbnails in the round and square shapes.
  • Related products under cart details.
  • Shadow effect.
  • Optimized typography and more.

If you want to look at the previous update, visit here.

A Total of 85 Stunning Templates for Divi WooCommerce (Shop, Product Page, Cart, Checkout, and More)

With the above Divi WooCommerce layouts, there are more in this pack, as we’ve discussed before. Using these, you’ll be able to completely make your Divi WooCommerce store unique and incredibly beautiful.

  • A total of 35 Product Page templates.
  • 20 Shop page templates.
  • 10 Checkout page templates.
  • 10 Cart page templates.
  • And 10 Section templates.

A total of 85 Divi WooCommerce Templates to beautify digital stores of any type. Whether it’s fashion or grocery, these templates will take your Divi shop to a new level. Furthermore, you get,

  • Regular updates.
  • New layouts.
  • Dedicated support.
  • And a money-back guarantee.

Above all, for your convenience, we’ve added the Divi Layouts for WooCommerce pack on both Divi Extended and Elegant Themes Marketplace. So, what feels you more comfortable, you can go for that. In the case of Elegant Themes, you can avail of the money-back guarantee, which you won’t need as the layouts fulfill all the requirements.

These are easy to import, ready-to-use, and highly customizable. So, why would you need a refund when you enjoy them the most?

Get Divi Layouts for WooCommerce, Today!

Why? Because at $19, you’re getting many possibilities to design and enhance your Divi WooCommerce store. And these possibilities are easy to manage. There are no complex steps you need to follow. Just import them, as you do with a regular Divi layout. And then, using the Divi Builder, get them working for your digital store.

Plus, with regular updates, you can expect more layouts that keep you ahead every time a new trend rises. So, no outdated store for the people of tomorrow.

Moreover, these Divi WooCommerce templates are based on Divi and WooCommerce only, so you can expect high performance as well as beauty without compromising anything. If you’re still thinking, then stop it right now and get these templates as soon as you can because who knows, with more layouts, it will get expensive.

That’s it; have a nice Divi and WooCommerce experience.

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