Divi Extended Black Friday 2022 Sneak Peek

Nov 11, 2022 | Blog, Divi Resources, General News

Win Huge Prizes Worth $10000+ This Black Friday Super Sale 2022

The Black Friday Super Sale at Divi Extended is Coming Early this year. And this time, we’re giving the biggest discounts on our best-selling Divi products. Plus, you can win huge prizes that make building a website on Divi super easy and fun.   

Our sale will start on November 22nd. And if you don’t want to miss it, add it to your calendar right away. Wait, hold up ✋🏻 did I mention that you could also Win Lifetime Access to all of our Divi Products (Plugins, Themes, and Layouts) worth $2800+? Oh yes, I did, but how?

Visit our Black Friday Super Sale and Participate in the Contest without delay. Go, don’t wait anymore.

Be the First to Win Huge 🥳🎁

No Black Friday deal is incredible if there are no prizes or free perks. We can’t do that kind of injustice to our Black Friday Super Sale at Divi Extended. Therefore, with huge discounts this year, we’re giving away big prizes worth thousands of dollars. And these prizes are worth every shot to make Divi websites highly beautiful, functional and performing. 

If you miss this year’s sale, you miss the chance to have your hands on these outstanding prizes that every Divi user would love to have.

The Ultimate Prizes We’re Giving to Early Birds 🐦

  • Free Annual Membership

Yes, you can Win our Annual Membership if you become our 1st, 10th, 20th, 50th, and 100th buyer during the sale. And friends, if you don’t know it already, Divi Extended Annual Membership isn’t an ordinary pass. Instead, a golden opportunity to access World’s Most Popular Divi products from the #1 best-selling Divi Author

  • Free 100 Copies of Divi Blog Extras (Worth $10000+)

Even if you can’t make it to the golden spot, there’s something for the early birds. During our Black Friday Super Sale, if you purchase and become one of our first 100 buyers, you’ll get a Free Copy of Divi Blog Extras. And dear friend, Divi Blog Extras is the Divi Plus of how you customize blog layouts in Divi.

What These Prizes Mean and How They Can Help

Let’s first put a spotlight on Divi Blog Extras. 

Free 100 Copies of the Best Selling Plugin Divi Blog Extras

If you win a copy of Divi Blog Extras during this Black Friday Super Sale; it means you’ve opened the door to the fastest possibilities to design Divi blog pages of great design in no time. This plugin includes various layout combinations that don’t require importing. 

Simply install the plugin, choose the layout, and apply it. That’s it; you’ve got your perfect Divi blog in no time. 

It has huge layout settings that allow you to apply slide effects, masonry style, category filter and more. 

This could be the only Divi blog layouts plugin you’d need for every blog designing needs. And this Black Friday Super Sale, it can be yours if you don’t wait long.

Now, let’s talk about Annual Membership… Wait! What? Did I just mention… Annual Membership of Divi Extended? 

Man, it could be the coolest thing to happen to you if you become our 1st, 10th, 20th, 50th and 100th buyer during the Black Friday Sale. Because our Annual Membership opens the door to every Divi product available on Divi Extended. Yes, every product, whether Divi Plus, Divi WooCommerce Extended, Divi Cart Pro or Divi Flexile. 

What’s interesting is that, for over a year, you’d also enjoy the new products we’ll release. So, tell me, isn’t it fantastic? Because you’re getting 50+ child themes, 500+ layouts, and 12 plugins from #1 Divi author for free

All you have to do is… add our Black Friday Super Sale to your calendar…and once it’s live…shop the sale at the biggest discount of the year as fast as possible.

Are you still thinking? Go, add it now… because opportunities like this won’t come again and again. Go, go, go…

Make the Most of the Biggest Discount of the Year 🤩

That was just a start because our biggest discount of the year is the real game changer for you on Black Friday Super Sale 2022.

On Divi Extended, we’ve got 12 Divi Plugins, 50+ Child Themes, and 500+ Layouts. If you try to get them all, because all are fantastic, they’d cost you over $2800+. But during our Black Friday Sale, you can make them yours for only $270, which is for a lifetime. 

Yes, we’re giving a massive 40% discount on our Lifetime Access that provides you with current and future products at no extra cost. 

It’s a one-in-a-million offer that can allow you to build a Divi website on a different level with the utmost satisfaction. You get all plugins, all child themes and all layouts at just a $269 one-time fee.

No recurring fees, no hidden charges and nothing that will bother you

Our Lifetime Access is what everyone is waiting for, and this Black Friday, you shouldn’t hold yourself back. 

In addition, we’re also giving a 40% discount sitewide as well. So, if you want a single or two products, you can go for that. But we’ll recommend you shouldn’t miss our Lifetime Access offer that gives you access to all current and future products at no extra cost.  

And, while you wait for the biggest sale of the year, participate in our giveaway contest and stand a chance to win a Free Lifetime Membership and many other products.

Divi Extended Black Friday Super Sale = Golden Chance to Win Lifetime Access

There are days remaining until Black Friday Super Sale starts. Therefore, to make it interesting, we’ve decided to give more to our users who’d participate in the contest we’re running. And this is another fantastic opportunity that could make you Win Lifetime Access for Free

Wow…😲 All Products of Divi Extended at no cost! That’s huge. 

In addition, even if you don’t win Lifetime Access, there’s free products and additional discounts for all participants. Now, that’s how we celebrate Black Friday at Divi Extended. 

Divi Extended Black Friday Sale Contest 2022

And to make sure you become a participant in this contest, all you have to do is visit our Black Friday Super Sale 2022 page and Unlock the Entries mentioned in the above contest form. That’s it; this is the simple and straightforward way to best of Divi Extended. 

How to Get Ready for Divi Extended Black Friday Super Sale 2022?

Our Black Friday Sale is scorching. Therefore, it’s worth getting ready before you miss the opportunity to Win Huge Prizes, get a 40% discount on Lifetime Membership and Participate in the Contest. The following checkpoints will help you get ready without missing anything. 

Divi Extended Black Friday Super Sale 2022 Launch Steps

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