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Black Friday Sale Is Starting in a Few Hours!🤩 Flat 40% OFF On Lifetime Plan, Divi Plus, and More

This year’s Black Friday Super Sale is about to start in a few hours. If you haven’t added the sale to your calendar, then it’s the last chance to do that and get ready when the sale goes live. Visit our Black Friday page or click on this link to Add the Sale to Your Calendar

Once more, I want to inform you that our Black Friday Super Sale will go live on November 22nd at 6 AM PT. So, sync your watches and brace yourself for the year’s biggest discount. 

Before our sale starts, let’s look at the deals and discounts available during the sale.

Best Divi Extended Black Friday Deals at a Glance

Deals Unlocking in a Few Hours

Black Friday week is the best time of the year to have your hands on #1 Divi products by Divi Extended. And this year, we have made it huge, offering you the following deals: Big, Better, and Bold. 

Check them out now.

Lifetime Access for $269 Only

With our Lifetime Membership, you can unlock all of our products currently available at Divi Extended. This includes 12 Divi Plugins, 50+ Child Themes, and over 500 custom layouts. If combined, these products value over $2800, but during our Black Friday Super Sale, you can become our Lifetime Member for $269 Only

Black Friday Super Lifetime Access Discount for Twenty Two

Furthermore, Lifetime Access gives you more value that allows you to build Divi websites to the fullest. Under our Lifetime membership plan, you can 

  • Use products on Unlimited Websites.
  • Get Support and Updates for a Lifetime. 
  • Become part of the 100,000 Divi Experts community, trusting Divi Extended Products. 

This Black Friday Super Sale, it can become yours for only $269, giving access to #1 Divi products, the most popular in the market. Haven’t you added the sale to your Calendar? Then do it now. 

Flat 40% OFF Site-wide

Are you looking for a single or two plugins? Well, we’ve covered your back. You can make the most of this year’s Black Friday Super Sale with a 40% discount on all of the products available at Divi Extended. 

Sitewide Discount on Black Friday Super Sale Twenty Two

This means you can get Divi Plus: the ultimate toolkit to build websites of any kind. You can get Divi WooCommerce Extended which allows you to level up your Divi eCommerce store. Furthermore, our outstanding Divi blog plugin: Divi Blog Extras, is also available at a 40% discount that gives you several blog layout combinations to enhance the blog pages of your website. 

Each and every plugin this Black Friday Super Sale weekend is available at a 40% discount. However, if you’re thinking of adding four to five products to your cart, then we suggest you go for the Lifetime Membership.

Because 4 to 5 products and our discounted Lifetime Membership won’t have much difference. So, better if you go for Lifetime Access and grab all the products at a price a little higher than 4 and 5 products. 

Early Birds Benefits: We’re Giving Away Prizes Worth $10000+

Why Am I focusing on adding our sale to your calendar? Because the sooner you try to get outstanding Divi plugins, themes or layouts, the earlier you can make yourself eligible for the free prizes we’re giving away this Black Friday Super Sale. 

Free Membership

And these prizes aren’t simple discounts or access to any simple tool; rather, you can stand to win a chance to get our Annual Membership for free. Yes, if you speed up yourself and become our 1st, 10th, 20th, 50th, and 100th buyer, you can get our Annual Membership for free. And with our membership, you can access all the products we have in store. 

That’s more than a prize that nobody would like to miss. 🤓

Okay, somehow, you can’t make it to the top. But there’s nothing to be sad about because even if you can’t make the 1st or 100th spot, you can become one of the first 100 buyers. And get our Divi Blog Extras for free. 

A fantastic tool to build elegant, modern Divi Blog Pages. So, what are you waiting for? The sale is about to start in a few hours, and it’s best you add it to your calendar to get ready when the offers go live. 

Revealing the Lucky Pre-Sale Contest Winners 🥇🥇🥇

We run a pre-sale contest where users have to participate for free to win a Lifetime Membership. Are you the one that got that prize? If you participated in the contest, then perhaps this post brought good news. Look closely; there may be your name written somewhere. 

List of the winners who won Lifetime Membership and other prizes:

NamePrize Won
Gaye NilsonDivi Extended Lifetime Membership
PabloDivi Plus
Richard DavisDivi WooCommerce Extended
Steven DaleDivi Blurb Extended
Gunnar LöwDivi Blurb Extended
Jason CracknellDivi Blurb Extended
MartinDivi Blurb Extended
Martijn MaasDivi Blurb Extended
İbrahim GezerDivi Blurb Extended
Julio ArribasplataDivi Blurb Extended
Emilie StickleyDivi Blurb Extended
Dante Alejandro Divi Blurb Extended
VenkyDivi Blurb Extended
Anass DevDivi Testimonial Extended
Carmine morraDivi Testimonial Extended
Raymond BrandtDivi Testimonial Extended
Ahmed Al ZamilyDivi Testimonial Extended
Marnick de grootDivi Testimonial Extended
PrachiDivi Testimonial Extended
JenniferDivi Testimonial Extended
WEI SSUYIDivi Testimonial Extended
David klhufekDivi Testimonial Extended
Freek NeerhofDivi Testimonial Extended
StefanoDivi Cart
Thomas BurrowsDivi Cart
MichaelDivi Cart
Daniel SzalaiDivi Cart
Fábio SouzaDivi Cart
Jo CunninghamDivi Cart
Paul SheldonDivi Cart
Kathy LavineDivi Cart
Avinash KumarDivi Cart
Amorette BowesDivi Cart
Richard MaraisDivi Cart
Vivian BaisleyDivi Cart
Victor BakkeDivi Cart
Klára MatasováDivi Cart
VictorDivi Cart
Charles PeacheyDivi Cart
David SánchezDivi Cart
Bryan GreenallDivi Cart
WaldemarDivi Cart
Teresa GavricDivi Cart
Keith PowellDivi Content Toggle
Jose ApazaDivi Content Toggle
Nikola KocicDivi Content Toggle
Matt NevinDivi Content Toggle
Jean ForbushDivi Content Toggle
Miroslava NovaDivi Content Toggle
Zachary ZwanenburgDivi Content Toggle
Antony meleroDivi Content Toggle
Dave BouldenDivi Content Toggle

All the above winners will receive an email with instruction to claim their respective prize.

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  1. Richard Marais

    Thank you Divi Extended. And congratulations to the other winners!


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1 Comment

  1. Richard Marais

    Thank you Divi Extended. And congratulations to the other winners!


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