With the release of Divi 4.0 and its new Theme builder, we get many customization options. And creating a custom Search Results page and customizing it, is one of them. Therefore, in this blog post, we will see Divi search result page customization.

It’s very simple and doesn’t require any coding knowledge or design skill.

Following are the steps to create or customize a Divi custom search results page in Divi 4.0.

1. To create a Divi search results page, you have to first add a new template of “Search Results” in Divi Theme Builder.

Divi Theme Builder Search result template

2. Add Custom Body

Custom Body for Divi 4.0 Search Result Page

3. Add Blog module in the Divi Builder area and any other options you want to add in search results.


4. Don’t forget to check “Posts for Current Page,” in Blog Module’s Content setting.

Posts For Current Page

According to Elegant Themes, this option simply telling Divi to display the posts that are normally generated whenever a user visits the page.

5. Save it in both Front-end area and Divi Theme Builder Main area. You could also save it in Divi Library, if you want to use it in future.

Now, after saving it, it will look like below screenshots upon searching for particular term.

Customized Search Result page in Divi 4.0

And if pages or search term has featured image, then it will show featured image, too. Below image produced by choosing grid layout in blog module.

Grid Layout of Search result in Divi 4.0

You can also see a live customized Search Result page here created with Divi Theme Builder in Divi 4.0.

Divi 4 header footer pack

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