Divi Blurb Extended is an enhanced version of the Divi Blurb module with additional functionalities. After 2 years of its initial release, the plugin gets a feature update with a brand-new Divi Blurb module called Advanced Flip Box along with the existing default module. So far, there was one module available in the plugin with 5 unique Divi Blurb layouts. Since the release of Divi Blurb Extended 2.0 in November 2019, there are now two Divi Blurb modules available.

  1. Divi Blurb Extended
    • With 5 unique Divi Blurb Layouts
  2. Advanced Flip Box
    • Two Divi Blurb Layouts with extra animation effects.

The native Divi Blurb Extended module continues to work as earlier. And is fully compatible with the new Divi 4 and its Visual and Classic builder. The new Advanced Flip Box module is an add-on to the Divi builder. This module brings in some new features. And controls for creating sections using Divi blurb with flip effects. Moreover, both the modules are highly customizable from the module settings area.

Old vs New Divi Blurb Extended plugin

The earlier version of Divi Blurb Extended plugin had a single module with 5 Divi blurb layouts. Those are still available in the plugin with some improvements. Each layout then and now supports multiple icon positioning and new icon shapes. And you can easily customize and apply those to the web pages.

All new Advanced Flip Box module of Divi Blurb Extended:

Advanced Flip Box is a new module added to the Divi Blurb Extended plugin. It has multiple layouts that are designed to enhance the beauty of Divi theme blurb. 

      • Layout 1: This layout has four options for Divi Blurb hover and flip styling –  Top, Bottom, Left and Right.
      • Layout 2: The second layout is based on a flip box that changes side on hover with a fade, zoom-in, and zoom-out effect.

The Advanced Flip Box module settings as shown below depicts the options available for customization which helps in creating a great Divi website.

Advanced Flip Box settigs


Advanced Flip Box Settings

Both layouts of Advanced Flip Box has amazing features. And multiple animation options as shown below in the image.

The core features of all the layouts of the Divi Blurb Extended’s Advanced Flip Box module are:

      • Option to have a separate title and content for normal and hover state in the Divi blurb. This feature will transform how the Divi Blurb hovers effect works in the Divi theme. Where the content for both normal and hover or flipped state can specified separately. It’s not just about the blurb title and content. But you can also control the formatting of the background image, color, and gradient separately.
      • Option to set a unique background color or image for both normal and hover state of Divi blurb.
      • Option to include read more button in the Divi blurb on the flipped side upon hover.
      • Other feature from the standard Divi Blurb Extended module which includes icon position on the right along with with top and bottom, new icon shapes including circle and hexagon and more.


The Divi module list showing Divi Blurb Extended modules on Visual Builder.

The updated version of Divi Blurb Extended is available as part of lifetime update for free. Existing users including annual and lifetime members can download the updated version of the plugin from our website or log in to their WordPress dashboard to get the plugin updated.

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