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Divi Flexile Hero Sections introductory blog post
February 16, 2021 / Divi Resources / By

If you want to put a magnificent impression on the user from the very start of your website, it’s essential that the website's hero section should look engaging and impressive...

Divi Flexile Footers introductory blog post
December 29, 2020 / Divi Resources / By

Footers provide users with a lot of useful information, whether it is the footer menu, short info about the business, or social icons. You can use a Divi footer to emphasize your...

Divi Flexile Headers introductory blog post
December 24, 2020 / Divi Resources / By

Headers are an essential part of a website. From assisting users navigating the site pages to pages to bring leads to a business, headers play a key role. And with the Divi...

How to add WhatsApp button on a WordPress site for post sharing and live chat
May 22, 2020 / WordPress / By

There are many integrations available online to share a WordPress post or to chat with customers. And, as the stats say, WhatsApp is the most popular social platform after...

Oxygen vs Divi
May 12, 2020 / WordPress / By

If you’re on this post, then I can surely say you know very well what a page builder is and what they do. So, without taking any further time, let’s dive right in! Let’s talk...

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