Divi Cart

Ready to Use Divi Supported WordPress 3.0 & Above Divi 2.5 & Above For Shopping Websites

A WooCommerce Child Theme for Divi with 5 homepage layouts.

Divi Cart

Ready to Use Divi Supported WordPress 3.0 & Above Divi 2.5 & Above For Shopping Websites

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Divi WooCommerce child theme

Divi Cart is a child theme for Divi with WooCommerce integration and 5 homepage layouts to create a quick and simple e-commerce website.

Five homepage layouts

The WooCommerce Child theme for Divi provides you with five homepage layouts, offering exceptional customization alongside the ability to choose your style. No longer do you have to compromise on personalization and WooCommerce integration. With the WooCommerce Child Theme For Divi, you get the best of both.

Website Help
Website Help

Five product types

The purpose of the WooCommerce platform is to give you as many options as possible when selling your merchandise. The WooCommerce Child Theme for Divi not only gives you a fantastic theme but also lets you sell up to five product types from our WordPress site. The Divi WooCommerce platform allows you to sell products in multiple formats while at the same time, providing you with state-of-the-art online retail themes and functionality.

Category mega menu

With the Divi WooCommerce Layout, there’s no longer a need to choose between your theme and full online retail functionality. With the WooCommerce Child Theme for Divi, you can continue to use your existing category mega menu or build a new one. Customers will still be able to hover their cursors over your menu icons at the top of the screen and get access to full menu navigations.

Website Help
Website Help

Two blog layout pages

Not all online retailers have the same style of blogs. With our Divi theme for WooCommerce, you can customize your blog in two ways, depending on the needs of your business. You can change the style of your blog to reflect your brand image and the needs of your audience. And you can immediately import articles into the blog editor, making it easy to post additional content according to your schedule.

Collection page

If you’ve got a lot of products to sell or articles to post, collection pages can be extraordinarily helpful. Collection pages are vital templates that allow you to arrange recurring content in an attractive and user-friendly way and build familiarity with your website. The more recognizable pages your present your users with, the better their experience on your site.

Collection pages just template pages for your website. With Divi WooCommerce layout tools, you can create collection pages for your child theme and give users the predictability that they want. With the right collection pages on your site, you instantly make your shopping portal more navigable.

Website Help
Website Help

Enhanced Divi Slider

The latest version of Divi WooCommerce child theme comes with an enhanced slider. Sliders are web-based facilities that allow you to display slide shows of images. The great thing about Divi sliders is that they look great on all devices, whether your user is on mobile or desktop. What’s more, with enhanced features, creating the ideal slide show has never been easier on Divi with WooCommerce. You can construct and post elegant, beautiful Divi sliders quickly and easily, all while preserving the theme of your site.

Divi sliders don’t require any coding and come with multiple layers to make it easy to include things like headers, titles, and buttons. With enhanced sliders, you can add a variety of effect to your slides to make them even more engaging.


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