Caldera Forms is a useful and free plugin when it comes to creating a contact form, survey form, or whatever kind of form. It’s an easy to use plugin and form builder with lots of features and functionalities. On top of that, it also records or collects entries that get type in the form fields. Because after all, it is the main purpose of creating a contact form on the website: to collect useful data. So we can make our business better and grow.

The idea behind recording entries’ data in the back-end of the Caldera Forms is excellent, but sometimes users need it to be shown on the front-end as well. It could be for any reason, and to accomplish that, you can wander. But don’t worry, there is a way, actually two. There are two simple ways to show Caldera Forms entries on the front-end of your website.

1. Using Shortcode

Use below Shortcode on the page where you want to display Caldera Forms’ recorded entries.

[caldera_forms_entry_viewer id="Your Form ID"]

2. With PHP

If you want to use the Caldera form to display the form entries on the front-end using custom code instead of the Shortcode method above, you could use the snippet below to integrate Caldera Forms’ entries in your theme file. Simply paste the code below at the desired output location, and display form entries where you want on your website.

if ( class_exists( 'Caldera_Forms_Forms' ) ) {
    $form = Caldera_Forms_Forms::get_form( 'Your Form ID' );
    if ( is_array( $form ) ) {
        echo Caldera_Forms_Entry_Viewer::form_entry_viewer_2( $form );

We hope that the above steps would help you set up display Caldera Forms’ entries in the front-end. But if you still want more help, then contact us, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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