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How to choose right Divi blog post template

Writing articles and posting them on the site helps a business bring a decent amount of traffic. The better content you write for your site, the more your site would appear in search results. However, this is not enough. Good content rich with potential keywords can help you rank in search results. But, a poor placement of post content and other elements can lead to higher bounce rate. Thus, decreasing your content value, domain authority, and drop in search result rank.

It’s crucial to focus on other aspects of blog posts rather than creating only quality content. That is, how you present your quality content. The post layout you use to share your knowledge and thoughts in particular field on the internet. A good layout can present bad content in a good way. And a bad layout can present good content in a bad way. Therefore, it is as much as important to choose a well designed post layout as a good content.

But most people find it hard to select a right post layout for their Divi based site. Sometimes it appropriate for their primary purpose but lacks other useful features. Therefore, in this blog post, I’ve put together some important points that can help you to choose right Divi blog post template. Not an inch out, or not an inch in. Exactly what you needed to post quality content on the web.

So, without any further delay, we should move on to our topic of the hour.

How to choose a right post layout

There are always two main factors involve whenever we try to use a post layout for our website. That are as follows,

  1. Why you need a post layout 
  2. How you can choose a right post layout

The above are the essential why’s and how’s that if you known you can easily find out your desired blog post template. And in this article, we’ll cover them, so next time you go online, to choose a Divi or WordPress blog post layout, you can do it effectively.

Why you need a right blog post template?

Knowing the why’s when looking for a custom Divi post template help us to not completely focus on one thing. Else, keep in mind other crucial factors of publishing too. So, we don’t miss some of the essential parts that make our article even more better.

The 1st is user session

When we choose a post layout, it’s important that we keep this factor in mind. Because after all, a user session is something that defines our content’s value. The longer the user session, the higher the content value.

If your post page isn’t keeping the readers for longer, which means you’d have a lower user session, and when a page starts to have a lower session, then it would increase the bounce rate. Thus, affecting our SEO performances and scoring lower search results page ranking. And not only the bounce rate, but higher user sessions are also the factor of how good we’re doing in terms of sales and conversation from our content marketing.

choose a right post layout based on user session

Therefore, we choose a post layout that would engage a reader and increase the page authority in terms of user sessions.

2nd is journey of the user

Articles aren’t something that’s only used for sharing information. They’re more to that. And the right chosen post layout can bring the most out of them. They’re perfect tools to increase traffic on the website as well as sales.

user journeyPosts can become navigation for readers to embark on your website’s journey. They can help them to find out more about your profession and the services you provide. Using the right post layout and its elements, you can guide users to product pages, services pages, to affiliates link, and much more. It’s true that post layout decides the journey of your readers and where they would end on your website.

How to choose a right Divi post page template

Well, it’s not rocket science, but choosing the right post layout can cause difficulties when you have lots to showcase and can’t decide what to include and what’s not. Some might be able to choose a post layout, but as time goes by, they start to think that they have missed something. Therefore, the points I’ve penned down below can help you find your Divi single post template.

1st is goal

If you don’t know your goal, then you don’t know what you are doing and for what you are doing. The same is in the case of choosing a blog post layout design. If you don’t know the purpose of selecting or creating a post layout, then you’re choosing it for nothing.

post layout selection based on end goalThe goal of choosing an article page should be clear whether you want it for marketing, for knowledge sharing, for product showcase, or even for different post formats. The goal is something that would help you to choose the right one. If the layout can represent your goal, then you must take it.

2nd is look and feel of the blog post template

Where a WordPress blog post layout with heavy designs and animation can distract and overwhelm the readers. The simple and post layout with basic designs can depress the reader to hit back. Also, a page with lots of design is hard to load. Thus, affecting your SEO score once again. However, blog posts, with a mixture of design and simplicity, can do the wonders in this regime.

Whenever you choose a layout, keep in mind that it should be distraction-free. Unnecessary pop-ups and items on the sidebar are an extra nightmare for the readers. Plus, keep this in mind that you should design a post layout or choose a post that would have a design that doesn’t affect the speed.

3rd responsiveness

The ’90s was the age internet with desktops, and now it’s the age of the internet with mobile-first websites. Whether it’s post layout or a static page, if it’s not up to the mark with mobile devices, then you’re lacking so much from the internet and its benefits. According to a report by Statista, there are a total of 48% mobile web page views around the world.report of internet mobile users worldwide by statistaIt’s almost 50% of the 100% internet users. So, if your blog post isn’t adaptable to mobile phones, you might lose much of the fraction of internet users.

4th necessary post elements

Perhaps the layout you’ve chosen for your blog posts is getting a required amount of traffic. Its text is optimized for enhanced reading and distraction-free design, engaging the readers with clarity and increment in user sessions. But it might be possible that your post is not getting the reach it should. Or you’re unable to mix with a community of readers. And this all happens when your post layout doesn’t have the necessary post elements.

necessary post elements inside divi blog post layout

Its design lacks the inclusion of the share buttons, comment section, sidebar with subscribers form. All those posts required features that make a blog post complete.

5th keep your niche in mind

This is important because it can affect your entire website and its functioning. Having a post layout relevant to the niche helps in showcasing your expertise in a particular field.

when you select blog layout keep your niche in mindIf you run a website for a news agency, then your post layout must convey a news site’s design aspects. If you’re running a website to provide services, then it should follow the post design trends of that field, not the same as the news.

6th ask yourself the right question

when you select divi blog post templates ask yourself the right questionOnce you’ve selected the desired post layout for your website, the essential question that needs to be answered by you is that, do you like to read a blog post on a different site with the same layout. If the answer is Yes, and then you’re ready to use that. If it’s No, begin your search again for a better post layout keeping these points mentioned above in mind.

How you can apply the right Divi blog post layout on your website

First, it’s Divi, and second, it’s a theme for WordPress, meaning you’re never out of the options to make your website a masterpiece of design, and stand out-of-the-box. Divi and WordPress options together provide a couple of options that can help you to apply your favorite blog post layout. And those are as follows,

Divi custom post templates

Elegant Themes with Divi 4 update has given Divi users an excellent option using which they can take their designing of a website to the next level. And that option is the Divi Theme Builder. Not only this option allows you to create custom templates for various purposes, but it also allows the user to use pre-made templates. And you can use this same feature to apply a custom single blog post template on your articles.

If you want to create a custom post template, then you should check out this blog post, which covers the complete process of creating a custom template using the Theme Builder.

Divi blog post examples using custom templates

Below are some of the custom blog post templates that you can directly add to Divi library and then later use them from the Divi Theme Builder.

Spur Divi Blog Post Template

Spur Divi Blog Post Template

Lush Post Layout

lush custom divi post layout of grace post layout pack

Check out more custom layouts here.

Divi plugins for post templates

Some can find it hard or challenging to use the custom templates option. Most people who are not much good at designing they prefer using a plugin to achieve their desired web designing result. It saves time and helps a user create a better website. And this same can be done for designing an article’s layout. Using the Divi Post Extended plugin, you can achieve a fantastic look for your website within minutes.

Moreover, it comes with other useful options that give the post an attractive look; rather, it also accomplishes other factors: SEO, readability, and engagement.

Divi blog post examples using plugin

Below are the post layouts created using the Divi Post Extended plugin.

Stellar Layout

stellar divi post extended layout

Valiant Layout

valiant divi post extended layout

Check out more layouts here.


Following the above points, you can easily select the right post layout for your Divi theme website. Or perhaps for any theme, you’re using for your WordPress based website. Keeping these points in mind and choosing the right layout would help you to increase user sessions and better search results ranking. However, a better post layout isn’t going to help much if you keep posting lower-quality content. So, keep that in mind too.

If you liked this post and information shared in it, please write suggestions or views if you have any in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to receive fresh updates related to Divi and WordPress.

P.S. Sometimes we send free layouts as welcome gift to the subscribers. So, don’t wait and subscribe now.

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