This post covers the topic – how to add more social media icons to Divi footer.

If you are a fan of Divi and hate the limitation of having fewer social media icons in the footer, then you don’t have to face it anymore. Because I’m going to walk you through the way on how to add more social media icons to Divi footer. And a control option for this in Divi Theme Panel. Meanwhile, checkout out our Divi Layouts Pack, which includes custom blog page layouts, blog post templates, footer, headers, and WooCommerce product page layouts.

As Divi comes with the settings of four default social media icons i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and RSS. And most of the time, we have to add extra social media icons to the footer such as Instagram, YouTube and more, then there will be no option left for us than to hard-code.

Hard-coding is not the right approach as it lacks the dynamicity. Moreover, in this case, if the client wants to change social media icons in the future, then he has to hire a developer for such a little thing as he might not be a developer. And in a theme like Divi, which is very user-friendly, one shouldn’t have to hire a developer to change only social media icons.

In Divi theme options panel, there are four default social media icon buttons and four text fields adjacent to them to add links. In order to add more social media icon buttons, you have to write a few lines of code but before going further, make sure you are writing in your Divi child theme.

Here I am showing you to add LinkedIn icon in the Divi theme options.

In the first step of your query on how to add more social media icons to Divi footer, you need to create a file named ‘panel_options.php’ and in that file, write a few lines of code.

In the above code, I have added the LinkedIn icon enable button below the Google+ button and the text field correspondence to it written below the Google+ text field.

Now after that, add these into your child theme ‘functions.php’

This will make the previous code work and add the LinkedIn icon enable button to the theme options.

In the final step, you need to create an “includes” folder in your child theme. And copy “social_icons.php” file from the “includes” folder in the parent theme to your child theme “includes” folder.

Now append this code in your child theme’s social_icons.php file.

Now after enabling the LinkedIn icon from the theme options, you can see your icon in the footer.

That’s it, fellas, on how to add more social media icons to Divi footer and in theme options. You can add more icons if you want to include YouTube, Dribble, etc. Even without caring about the CSS, Divi will take care of it.

You don’t have to worry about these social media icons CSS.

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