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Enjoy Divi Layouts Extended With Divi Theme this Black Friday Sale

Looking for the best layouts for your Divi website this Black Friday sale? Divi Layouts Extended is the complete solution. Grab the Divi Layouts Extended pack this Black Friday at a Flat 40% discount. Sounds unbelievable but that’s true. That’s why we celebrate it as Divi theme Black Friday.

Divi Layouts Extended offers a giant collection of 2000+ pre-built Divi layouts.

1. Superb Divi homepage layouts

2. Useful Divi landing page templates

3. Unique Divi header layouts

4. Captivating hero sections for Divi

5. Engaging Woo sections

6. Horizontal and vertical Divi tabs

7. Straightforward pricing table layouts

8. Interactive portfolio sections

and much more. 

You can also explore many other best-seller products from Divi Extended at amazing discounts this Black Friday. Know more about the Black Friday hot deals offered on all the Divi Extended products.

Make the best use of this Black Friday Sale on Divi Extended to save money and enjoy a Flat 40% discount on Divi Layouts Extended.

Let’s explore some of the most prominent Divi layouts of this Black Friday sale.

15 Homepage Layouts

Use these pre-built homepages on different kinds of Divi websites such as clothing stores, Real estate, Healthcare, pet services, and many more.


This is one of the best homepage layouts that cater to all the needs of any hospital, clinic, or healthcare service. With the help of striking pictures the healthcare environment, infrastructure, and services are showcased clearly. The highly experienced medical team is also introduced along with a booking appointment form at the bottom.

Divi healthcare layout

Pet Services

If you have a Divi website offering pet care services this can be a perfect layout for you. Highlight all your pet care services, tips, and pricing in a superb style using this homepage layout.

Divi pet services layout

Real Estate

Showcase all your real estate projects with breathtaking pictures on your Divi website. Include all your property listings for sale or rent and provide your contact details to get in touch with the customers.

Divi real estate layout

Clothing Store

A suitable homepage for a clothing store website featuring all the recent apparel and fresh collections. Feature products, discounts, and the latest fashion trends on your Divi website with CTAs.

Divi clothing services layout

Explore More Homepages from Divi Extended

42 Landing Page Layouts

Be it a business website, consultation firm, or university. These landing page layouts are perfect for different kinds of Divi websites.


If you need a landing page to broadcast your latest conference or event on your Divi website, this is the best layout for that purpose. This landing page layout is loaded with countdown timers, video sections, and pricing tables to convey all the details to the audience about the event in a sensational way.

Divi conference landing page layout


This landing page layout is one of the best options for corporate business or start-up websites using the Divi theme. It includes all the necessary things such as an interactive introduction video, business worklow and a contact form for the visitors to get in touch if interested.

Divi corporate landing page layout

Business Consultancy

Business consultancy websites can use this landing page to portray their success model, pricing, team, and their success stories in a clear way. Every section of this page appears well-balanced and combines perfectly with the whole landing page template.

Divi business consultancy landing page layout

Explore More Landing Pages from Divi Extended

190 Header Layouts

These unique header layouts can be used on blogs, e-commerce stores, and many other kinds of Divi websites. Each one of them is loaded with different elements.

With Additional Tab

Divi header layout with additional tab

Showcasing Contact Details

Divi header layout with contact details

Loaded with CTA Buttons

Divi header layout with CTA

With Payment Options

Div Layout Extended tabs with payment option

Carrying Search Box

Divi header layout with search

Explore More Headers from Divi Layouts Extended

110 Hero Sections

These captivating hero sections can present your Divi website in a more engaging way. You can choose a suitable hero section that fits your needs. 

Best For Clothing Store

Divi clothing store hero section

Best for Fitness Blogs

Divi fitness blog hero section

Best For Food Blogs

Divi food blog hero section

Best For Interior Design Websites

Divi Interior design hero section

Best For Music Concert

Divi Music concert hero section

Best For Flower Shop Websites

Divi flower shop hero section

Explore More Hero sections from Divi Layouts Extended

70 Woo Sections

Get the best Woo sections for your WooCommerce store highlighting the collection, discounts, and offers in a striking fashion.

Feature Discounts

Divi Woo Section displaying discounts

Highlight Offers

Divi Woo Section highlighting offers

Showcase Latest Collection

Divi Woo Section displaying latest collection

Headline Fresh Arrivals

Divi Woo Section highlighting fresh arrivals

Explore More Woo sections from Divi Layouts Extended

30 Divi Tabs

Organize the content on your Divi website neatly using these outstanding horizontal and vertical tabs. Segregate the content and enhance its readability on any business website.

Useful For Service Websites

Divi tabs for service based websites

Vertical Tabs

Divi vertical tabs

Tabs With Photos

Divi tabs with photos

Work Like Buttons

Divi tabs working like buttons

For Food Blogs

Divi tabs for food blogs

Explore More Divi Tabs from Divi Layouts Extended

70 Stunning Pricing Tables

Illustrate all the pricing and plans of the services or products in an incredible fashion using these stunning Divi pricing table layouts.

Best For Technology Services

Divi Pricing table for technology services

Best For Educational Websites

Divi Pricing table for educational websites

Best For Web Development Services

Divi Pricing table for web services

Best For Food Service Websites

Divi Pricing table for food services

Animated Pricing Table

Divi Animated pricing table

Explore More Pricing Tables from Divi Layouts Extended

10 Interactive Portfolio Sections

Showcase all your recent projects in a very creative style using these portfolio sections. Use them on Reale state websites, food blogs, clothing stores, and many other websites.

Real Estate

Divi Real Estate Portfolio section

Interior Design

Divi Interior Design Portfolio section

Shopping Store

Divi Shopping Store Portfolio section

Food Blog

Divi Food Blog Portfolio section

Explore More Pricing Tables from Divi Layouts Extended

Moreover, Divi Layouts Extended packs many other kinds of useful Divi layouts that can’t be included in a single post. You can try all these to boost the functioning of your website. These include

  • Footer layouts
  • Blog layouts
  • Product layouts
  • Shop layouts
  • Gallery layouts
  • Countdown timers
  • Testimonials
  • Accordion

and much more

That is a limited-time offer. The amazing Divi Extended sale will last till the Black Friday bonanza expires. Select Divi Layouts Extended and start upgrading your Divi website now.

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