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Mar 3, 2022 | Divi Resources, WooCommerce

An Effective Complete Tutorial on 25 Divi WooCommerce Modules

Users love Divi because it comprises features that can be used on any website regardless of its niche. Even the number of modules it includes in the builder can fulfill every need a particular project might require. And if you’re creating an eCommerce website, then Divi WooCommerce modules are of great use.

The best way to create a digital store on WordPress is to use the popular plugin WooCommerce. And Divi, by providing specific modules for WooCommerce, enhances the functionality.

Today, through this tutorial, we will look at each module Divi has for WooCommerce.

Previously, Divi had 17 modules; however, in the update of 22nd November, it launched 8 more modules for WooCommerce. Now, there are a total of 25 Divi WooCommerce modules that enable you to customize the entire user experience of your Divi shop.

These new, and every old WooCommerce module in Divi, open extreme possibilities to build a robust digital store. And we’re going to find out how.

Divi Plugin for WooCommerce

Divi WooCommerce Extended

A Premium Divi Plugin for WooCommerce.

An Extensive Look at New Divi WooCommerce Modules

The following Divi modules for WooCommerce we’ll look at allow you to create a customized cart and checkout pages. So, you can keep the user’s attention captured throughout the online store’s journey.

1. Woo Cart Products

The default cart page we get is simple when we create an eCommerce store using the WooCommerce plugin. I believe you’re familiar with the cart page layout shown in the below screenshot.

Default WooCommerce cart page

However, by using the new Woo Cart Products module, we can improve this significantly. All you need to do is, first, edit the cart page with Divi Builder. Then remove all the modules Divi inserts automatically. And, lastly insert the Woo Cart Products module. You can also keep the auto-installed module and directly start customizing the cart page. But, for this tutorial, I’m focusing on single module. So, we can explore all the Divi modules for WooCommerce in detail one by one.

Divi module for WooCommerce cart product

Once you insert the module, you get the following layout. It consist elements such as Remove Icon, Thumbnail, Title, Price, Quantity, Total, Coupon Code field, Apply Coupon & Update Cart button. It’s the same as default page except Cart totals, but we can customize it more and pretty easily.

Settings of Woo Cart Products module

You can show or hide whatever element you want to display in the cart page’s product section. Change their font size, font family; color, background, and more to make it look unique. Using this Divi module for WooCommerce, it’s now possible to highly customize this particular area. After applying the appropriate changes, this is how the products section on the cart page look like.

New Woo Cart Products Customized

2. Woo Cart Totals

The next module available in Divi for WooCommerce is the Woo Cart Totals.

Inserting Woo Cart Totals module

Using this particular module, you can enhance how the cart total would look on the cart’s page. The default layout we get is as simple as it could, and you can get the idea from the following screenshot.

The default look of Cart Totals in Divi

But, this new module with the simple look also include options to customize it altogether. Using the Design tab of this module, the following settings allow you to tweak different elements of the Cart totals.

Divi Woo Cart Totals Module design tab settings

The Text settings, enable you to change Cart totals text alignment. Plus, you can apply text shadow on them.

Using Title Text settings, you can apply text customizations to the main heading which is Cart totals. Similarly, Column Label and Body Text allows you to apply text customizations on Subtotal, Total and Prices.

Further, the Table settings provide you with the customizations to increase horizotal and vertical spacing between the Cart totals elements. You need to slide Vertical Gutters and Horizontal Gutters to utilize this option.

However, if you don’t want to apply this, simply check Collapse Table Gutters and Borders as YES. Further, it provides you with the options to apply background color on table row and cell, fields placeholder, and button. By utilizing each setting, you can have your cart page with cart totals as the following.

Divi WooCommerce Cart page layout with cart totals

Cart Page with Cart totals from WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

3. Woo Cart Cross Sells

To make the most out of your cart page, Divi offers another excellent module for WooCommerce, which is Woo Cart Cross Sells.

Woo Cross Sells Divi Module for WooCommerce

Using this module, you can display related products on the cart page. Doing so, can help you boost sales of other products and get more from your business. It allows you to apply text customisations on products’ names, pricing and more.

Woo Cross Sells Divi WooCommerce module

Once you apply the customization, you can have your cross sells product like the following example.

Woo Cross Sells example

Cross Sells from WooCommerce Layouts for Divi

4. Woo Checkout Billing

After the page, the next new Divi WooCommerce modules are for the checkout page. And the first among them, is the Woo Checkout Billing.

Divi Modules for WooCommerce Checkout Billing

As soon as you insert the module, you get the following fields for the billing details on the checkout page.

Divi Woo Checkout Billing Module for WooCommerce

And to customize the billing area, the following settings available in the Design tab.

Woo Checkout Billing module design settings

The Layout settings, provide you with the option to change fields width. It includes three options: Default, Fullwidth, and 2 Column.

Woo Checkout Billing module layout option

When you select Fullwidth, the billing fields stretch all the way to the margin as you can see in the following image.

Woo Checkout Billing fields fullwidth

And when you select 2 Column, all the fields get placed in two different columns the same as following screenshot.

Woo Checkout billing fields in 2 columns

After the layouts, you get text customisations to apply on the checkout billing fields. The text customisations are Text, Title Text, and Field Label. Using these particular settings, you change checkout billings’ heading appearance, alignment and color. The same could be done for Field labels.

After title and fields label, you get the Fields setting allowing you to customize placeholder text and fields other appearance. For instance, using this you can apply different color, rounded corners, shadow and more.

Once you customize the fields, you can tweak the appearance of billing notice area using the Form Notice settings.

Checkout billing form notice in Divi Modules for WooCommerce

This particular setting, allows you to change text color, font size, and font family for the font notice text. Plus, you also apply other customization on the section, such as, background, round corners, shadow and more.

5. Woo Checkout Shipping

The customisations you can apply on WooCommerce checkout billing fields in Divi, could be applied to shipping fields using the Woo Checkout Shipping Divi module.

Woo Checkout Shipping Divi WooCommerce module

The same customization options are available in this module for shipping fields. And by utilising them, you could have an elegant checkout page with vivid shipping fields like the following example.

Woo Checkout Shipping fields example

6. Woo Checkout Information

If you want to allow your customers leave a note with their purchase, then using the Woo Checkout Information module you can do that.

Woo Checkout Information module for Divi WooCommerce

It provides you with options and features to add a text area on the checkout page like the below screenshot.

Woo Checkout Information template

7. Woo Checkout Details

Help your customers make the order with confidence by showing them what they’re buying on the checkout page using Woo Checkout Details module.

Woo Checkout Details Divi module for WooCommerce

It showcases all the products name with quantity, price and subtotal. So, with all these details, when they place order, they know they’re paying for the right item. Similar to the Cart Totals module, it provides you with the different text and appearance customization options to enhance the checkout details.

8. Woo Checkout Payment

The new Divi modules for WooCommerce also include module to enhance the look of payment methods area on the checkout page. You need to insert the Woo Checkout Payment module to access those features.

Woo Checkout Payment Divi WooCommerce Module

It allows you to change background and text color for the selected and non-selected payment methods. Choose different font family, size and other text customisations for both payment methods and body text. If no payment method available, then you can also apply design customization to the notice text.

Woo Checkout payment module example

By utilising each option profoundly, you can design something like the above example.

Quick Look at the Old Divi Modules for WooCommerce

Above, we’ve looked at all the new WooCommerce modules available in Divi for cart and checkout page. Now, the following are those which Divi had previously before the recent big update for WooCommerce. Moreover, the modules we’re going to look at, most of them, works on product page with dynamic controls. So, you can have a better control on your Divi WooCommerce store. Therefore, according to that, use them creatively per your requirement.

9. Woo Breadcrumbs

Allow search engine crawlers to list your Divi WooCommerce store’s products at the server in an organized way using the Woo Breadcrumbs modules. 

Divi Woo Breadcrumbs module

This module enables you to show breadcrumbs on product pages in 3 levels: home, category & product. And if you’re using it on a product template for specific products, then, using the Product option in the Content tab, you can select that particular product. However, you can directly use the This Product option to fetch the current product’s name. 

Woo Breadcrumbs module content tab product option

Plus, on the same Content tab, you get the option to change Home Text with dynamic options. Define unique home link and separator symbol.

Woo Breadcrumbs module and content tab options for home link and more

The Design tab of this module provides you with the option to apply text customizations and other Divi’s native design customizations for the product’s breadcrumb.

10. Woo Notice

By default, WooCommerce shows a notice on products’ pages when adding them to the cart. You can get an idea, what I am talking about from the following screenshot. 

Default Woo Notice example

And the same happens when you reach the cart & checkout page and make any customizations there. So, to display this notice beautifully, Divi provides you with the Woo Notice module. 

Woo Notice Divi module for WooCommerce

Using this particular Divi module for WooCommerce, you can enhance the look and feel of the notice on the products, cart, and checkout page. When you insert the module, it provides you with the Product Type option in the Content tab. Here, you can select either Product Page, Cart Page or Checkout Page

Woo Notice Divi module page options

If you’re using it on a product, select Product Page; otherwise, you can choose the alternative options. Each option will display a different message, plus other elements.

Divi Woo product page notice

Product page WooCommerce notice in Divi.

Divi Woo Cart page notice

Cart page notice.

Divi Woo checkout page notice

Checkout page notices.

And with these, you get different options to apply customizations.

11. Woo Product Add to Cart

When you edit the products’ page with Divi Builder, you’ll see the Add to Cart button there. However, you can insert it as well using the Woo Product Add to Cart module. 

Divi WooCommerce module for add to cart button

This simple module is crucial to help you complete your store and allow customers to buy the products. Moreover, show customers whether the product is in stock or not using the Elements settings in the Content tab. And it also allows you to hide/show the product’s quantity field next to the button. 

Using the settings available in the Design tab, apply custom styles on the button. Change how the stock labels look and match the store’s theme. 

Woo products add to cart design settings

You can also utilize the sticky option if you like on the Add to cart button.

12. Woo Product Description

Customize how the long and short descriptions look on the product page using the Woo Product Description module. 

Woo products description module for Divi

This module in Divi for WooCommerce, simply allows you to add a Long or Short Description for the product. Even from others. When you insert the module, it opens the Content tab to select the product and its description type. 

Woo product description type option

Then using the Design tab, you can apply the text customizations to the description text.

13. Woo Product Images

A WooCommerce product looks great when it comprises its image with other information. And using the Woo Product Images, you can fetch the product image. 

Woo Product Images Divi WooCommerce module

And not only image but also gallery and sale badge using the Elements settings in the Content tab. 

However, to display the gallery, make sure you add the product’s multiple images in the WordPress editor when creating the product. Otherwise, you cannot display the gallery. 

WordPress with product gallery images

Then, in the Design tab, you get the following settings to improve the product’s images appearance. 

Woo Product Images Divi WooCommerce module and settings of the design tab

The Image settings enable you to make the image full-width. Apply rounded corners, border styles, and more. 

Woo Product images module and its image settings

Using the Sale Badge Text settings, you can apply text customizations to the sale badge. 

Woo Product images module and its sale badge settings

14. Woo Product Gallery

A Divi WooCommerce product page looks more informative and engaging when multiple images are available. Yes, using the Woo Product Images, you can display different images. However, they only have a simple look. But using the Woo Product Gallery module, you can show them in a much better way.  

Woo Product Gallery Divi module for WooCommerce

And, using the Design tab, you can enhance the gallery’s look even more. Settings like Layout provide you with the option to change gallery-style. 

Woo Product Gallery Divi module for WooCommerce with layout options

There are two layout variations available for the product’s gallery: Slider and Grid. 

Slider Divi WooCommerce Product Image Gallery

Slider Divi WooCommerce Product Image Gallery

Grid Portrait Divi WooCommerce Product Image Gallery

Grid Portrait Divi WooCommerce Product Image Gallery

Grid Landscape Divi WooCommerce Product Image Gallery

Grid Landscape Divi WooCommerce Product Image Gallery

But that’s not all; it also includes Image settings to tweak gallery images’ color aspects. Like Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, and more. 

Woo Product Gallery Divi module for WooCommerce and its design settings

Then, you get text customizations for the image’s Caption and Pagination Text. So, overall there are different options to make the product gallery look outstanding.

15. Woo Product Information

If you don’t want to display the product’s additional information like weight, color, and size in tabs, you can use the Woo Product Information module. 

Woo Product Information Divi module for WooCommerce

It provides you with the option to display additional information about the product in a much-simplified way. You can change font family, size, weight, apply a background color, and more. 

Wo Product Information Divi module for WooCommerce design tab options

16. Woo Product Meta

To display the product’s category, SKUID, and tags on the product page in Divi, you can use the Woo Product Meta

Woo Product Meta Divi module for WooCommerce

It provides the intuitive options to show and hide particular product meta using the Elements settings. 

Woo Product Meta Elements settings

Then, the Design tab’s Layout settings enable you to place them Inline and Stacked

Woo Product Meta design layouts

This is how the product meta looks in different layouts.

Inline product meta for Divi WooCommerce

Inline product meta

Stacked product meta for Divi WooCommerce

Stacked product meta

Further, you can use the additional settings of the Design tab to improve the meta’s appearance. 

17. Woo Product Price

Display the product’s price and customize its look using the Woo Product Price Divi WooCommerce module. 

Woo Product Price Divi module for WooCommerce

Then, by using the text settings available in the Design tab, change the look for both regular and sale prices. 

As you can see in the above visual, editing the product’s price is simple and easy. 

18. Woo Product Rating

Build trust among your customers by showcasing star ratings using the Woo Product Rating module. 

Woo Product Rating Divi module for WooCommerce

Plus, decide what elements you want to display in the ratings, whether no. of ratings or only star ratings. To do that, you need to open the Elements settings in the Content tab and select your option. 

Woo Product Rating elements settings

The available options are Show Star Rating and Show Customer Reviews Count. Per your requirements, select the elements. Then, head over to the Design tab to improve their look. 

Woo Product Rating design tab settings

Change star rating layouts as Inline or Stacked. Place them in different locations; use different colors and sizes using the Star Rating settings. And a lot more options to make the product rating look attractive. 

19. Woo Product Reviews

In addition to ratings, build trust in your customers’ hearts even more by showing reviews using the Woo Product Reviews module. 

Woo Product Reviews Divi WooCommerce module

Plus, it also allows new customers to leave their nice words. The module includes the options to display Author images, Comment count, reviews meta, and ratings. 

Woo Product Reviews elements settings

If you’re not showing the reviews in the product tab, you can utilize this module. And with design customizations, it’s easier to enhance the appearance. Like, rounding the author’s image, changing star rating color and size. Text customization on the review and other texts. 

20. Woo Product Stock

Simply display whether the product is in stock or not in a beautiful way using the Woo Product Stock module. 

Woo Product Stock Divi module for WooCommerce

And then, utilize the Design tab options to enhance it further.

21. Woo Product Tabs

Save product space and display product information like description, additional information, and reviews compactly with the Woo Product Tabs module. 

Woo Product Tabs Divi WooCommerce module

Even if you don’t want to show specific information, you can simply use the Content settings in the Content tab to hide that. 

Woo Product Tabs Content settings

The Design tab includes the options to improve text appearance and apply other tweaks.

22. Woo Product Title

Turn your product’s title according to the store look using the Woo Product Title module. 

Woo Product Title Divi module for WooCommerce

It provides all the necessary text customization options to tweak the product title—for instance, Title heading level, font family, color, size, and more.

23. Woo Product Upsell

If you’ve linked the product with upsell products and want to display them using the Divi Builder, then Woo Product Upsell module is what you need.

Woo Product Upsell Divi WooCommerce module

It provides you with different Content options to define what to display and how to display on the upsell location. 

Woo Product Upsell content settings

For example, Product Count enables you to control how many products you want to display. Then, Column Layout can place products in up to 6 columns. Plus, you can use the Elements settings to hide and show particular elements on the upsell products. 

Woo Product Upsell Elements settings

Further, when you head over to the Design tab, you get additional options to enhance the look of your upsell products. 

Woo Product Upsell Design tab settings

The Overlay settings let you display different overlay colors and icons on the products when you hover over the product. 

Woo Product Upsell Overlay settings

If the products received a rating, then you can control that as well using the Star Rating settings. Using this, you can change rating alignment, color, size, and more. 

Woo Product Upsell Sale Badge Text settings

More controls are available to apply on Sale Badge Text, Upsell section title, product title, etc.

24. Woo Products

Whether you want to create the latest products Divi woocommerce shop page or a shop based on a product category, the only Divi module you need to use is Woo Products

Woo Products Divi WooCommerce module

It’s a comprehensive Divi WooCommerce module that lets you create digital shops of any kind. When you insert the module, it displays all the products from the default product view type. However, you can change that to the latest, featured and even category using the Product View Type option. 

Woo Products module for Divi WooCommerce shop

Then, using the same content settings, you can change product count, column layout, order, and offset number. 

Woo Products Content settings

In addition to these, the Elements settings of the Content tab provide you with the options to hide and show different elements on the products. Like, Pagination, Name, Image, Price, Ratings, and Sale Badge. 

Woo Products module element settings

Once you’re done with Elements, head over to the Design tab, and utilize the following settings to improve the shop’s look. 

Woo Products module design tab settings

25. Woo Related Products

The Woo Related Products module showcases different products as related products on a particular product page. 

Woo Related Products Divi WooCommerce module

Like the Upsell products module, you can control what products you want to display, how many of them to display, and in up to what columns. You need to open the Content settings in the Content tab to access these options.

Woo Related Products Content settings

However, unlike the upsell products module, this related products module also allows you to select products based on category with offset capability. 

Woo Related Products Content settings with categories

Other than these, it includes the same options like upsell products module to improve functionality and design. Like Elements settings to hide and show different product elements. In the Design tab, you get Overlay, Image, Star Rating, Sale Badge Text, and more settings the same as upsell products module. 

Related products section in Divi from Layouts for WooCommerce

From Divi Layouts for WooCommerce

Wrapping Up

So, above, we’ve looked at all the Divi modules available for WooCommerce. I hope this article helped you know which module you need to use for a particular purpose.

If you want to take your online shop powered with Divi and WooCommerce, then try the Divi WooCommerce Extended plugin. It includes many different & powerful Divi and WooCommerce options to make an online store highly functional and beautiful. Using the modules of this plugin, you can create WooCommerce product carousel, custom shop page, and even a mini cart icon.

Apart from these, if you’ve got any about Divi WooCommerce modules or views about this article, then let me know in the comments.

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