What's Divi Theme Marketplace Top Authors, Products and How to Sell

Aug 22, 2023 | Divi Resources

What’s Divi Marketplace? Top Authors, Products and How to Sell

Divi theme by Elegant Themes is a powerful theme for WordPress. You get elegant designs as well as a powerful page builder that makes it super easy to build websites of any kind. Furthermore, those websites will be lightweight and load your webpage elements without having users wait. Hence, making them SEO-ready to appear at the top of search results.

But that’s just a start with Divi because you can take your website(s) to a new level with the Divi theme Marketplace. And if you’re a WordPress developer or designer using Divi theme, then it’s the place you can showcase your skills and make the business thrive.

Don’t know what Divi theme marketplace is? Well, no worries! This post is all about that. Fasten your seat belts… here we go, 🚀

What’s Divi Theme Marketplace?

Divi Marketplace is a place for Divi Community. Whether website owners, developers, or designers, it’s for you if you’re using Divi. WordPress.org provides its users with an intuitive environment to find themes and plugins that can enhance their websites. At the same time, it offers WordPress developers and designers to upload their products. So other users can use them and level up their platforms.

The Divi Theme Marketplace for Divi Users

In the same way, the Divi Theme Marketplace allows 3rd party Divi developers and designers to upload their products, such as plugins, themes and layouts.

Users explore the marketplace, and if they find something fulfilling their requirements, they get it.

The products available on the marketplace are designed and developed by experienced Divi professionals. And to keep the marketplace full of quality products, Elegant Themes has put some quality checks that each product needs to pass.

If they don’t, they simply won’t make it to the marketplace.

The Divi Marketplace got launched in June 2020, and since then, it’s been the go-to place for Divi users of all kinds, new or old. It’s the home of elegant Divi products.

How to Make the Most of Divi Theme Marketplace?

The Divi Marketplace is a place for everyone. And to keep it ready to use for everyone, Elegant Themes has designed it in the simplest form. Nothing complex or maze-like you find there. The user-friendliness of it makes it easy to find desired and quality products in no time.

To make the most of it as a user, first, visit https://www.elegantthemes.com/marketplace/ where you’ll find the marketplace like the following,

Divi Marketplace With All the Options

The simple and easy-to-use interface of Divi Marketplace lets you find the products quickly through the search bar and filters underneath.

Divi Marketplace When Custom Search and Filters

You can categorize products into All Products, Child Themes, Extensions and Layouts. Also, the “Our Favourites/Featured Items” section allows you to explore Top-sellers, Now-Trending and New Arrivals. 

More filters and navigation option in the Divi theme marketplace

When you go further down, you find all the products available on the marketplace. You can use the navigation to see more products or try the filters in the left sidebar. The filters let you sort products based on, 

  • Popularity (Most Popular, Price and Newest.)
  • Categories (Themes, Plugins, and Layouts.)
  • Price Range.
  • And Minimum User Rating

When you open a particular product, you can find all the details with a product demo link, screenshots link, buy button, ratings, reviews, support and user documentation. 

Product page on the marketplace of Divi

This makes it super easy to get all the information on the product and be ready for purchase. When you buy a product, ensure it’s highly rated and provides good support–this you can easily check in the support area. 

In the marketplace, at the bottom, you’d find top authors providing outstanding Divi solutions to the community.

When opening the author page, you can see the details, the products they are selling, and the total ratings of their service. Hence, giving you complete information on whether to go with the particular author or not.

Top Authors on Divi Marketplace

Since the inception of the marketplace, there have been many Divi authors; however, only the best have made it to the list of top sellers. The Divi authors using whom products you can level your website are,

#1 Divi Extended: With 50+ products, 30k+ sales and overall 4.9 user ratings, Divi Extended has been leading the marketplace since the beginning. We offer premium products with advanced options, intuitive UI, and dedicated support. Using our themes, plugins and layouts, it’s easier to modify your website–whether for performance, design, or functionality.

#2 Pee-Aye Creative: It’s a Divi duo – Nelson and Tashia, from Pennsylvania. They got over 20 products, 17k+ sales and overall 4.5 user ratings. Using products created by them, you can simplify how your Divi’s basic elements can work in a much more effective way.

#3 Divi Supreme: They are the developers of one of the best-selling products on Divi Marketplace, Divi Supreme. Using this multipurpose plugin, it’s easier to customize the website altogether. Divi Supreme have 5 products in the marketplace with 9k+ sales and 3.5 overall user ratings.

Top Products by Divi Extended

Being a top seller isn’t easy. You have to ensure that each product you release is of high quality and must follow all the standards that made previous products bestselling. You need to do quality checks multiple times. Keep everything of high quality, whether product features or services such as customer support. Users should get the best results and value for money from your products. That’s what makes a top seller in the real sense.

And our products fulfill those traits every time. That’s why we have been #1 since the dawn of Divi Marketplace. The following products make Divi websites awesome and easier to customize however they like.

1) Divi Plus

A multipurpose Divi plugin to customize Divi websites of any kind. This single plugin offers numerous solutions, after which you won’t need any other plugin to boost your website’s design and functionality. It includes 50+ modules, 04 extensions, 50+ pre-built websites, 50+ starter templates, and 250+ design sections. 

What’s cool about Divi Plus is that it doesn’t slow down your website or make it heavy even after having lots of modules and extensions. Everything will be fast and lightweight.

2) Divi WooCommerce Extended

Using Divi and WooCommerce together? If yes, then this plugin can evolve your platform to the max. You can display a mini cart icon, add products on a carousel, apply the quick view effect on the products grid and much more. To revolutionize your Divi WooCommerce store, it’s the perfect plugin you need.

3) Divi Blog Extras

Divi Blog Extras provides a module to customize the Divi blog page. You can change your blog’s look into 10+ layouts. Apply masonry effect, category filter and more to make the archive page worth exploring. In addition, you get 60+ custom blog pages to help you quickly modify your Divi blog. 

Some other products you want to try by Divi Extended:

  • Divi Gallery Extended: Masonry gallery plugin for Divi with category filter support.
  • Headers for Divi: A Divi Headers pack with header layouts of different kinds. Best for all sorts of websites and professions.
  • Divi Layouts Extended: A powerful Divi layouts library with over 1400 Divi layouts to boost your Divi designing. 
  • Gravity Forms Styler for Divi: Enhance the design of your Gravity Forms in Divi using this intuitive plugin.

Perks for Divi Users

Apart from quality 3rd party plugins, themes, and layouts, the marketplace offers impressive perks for its users. With them, it becomes one of the best WordPress marketplaces to get Divi products.

  1. Money-back Guarantee: In the marketplace, users get a 30-day guarantee for each product they buy. They can simply ask for a refund if they don’t like what they purchase. And their money will be refunded without asking a question.
  2.  Divi Bundles: Different amazing products from different sellers in a single package at a discounted price. Allowing users to get the best tools for their websites.
  3.  Divi VIP: If you become Divi VIP, you get a 10% discount on the products available in the marketplace.
  4.  Huge Discounts: In different seasons, Elegant Themes runs various discount offers. From 10% to a massive 40% discount on all products available in the marketplace. 
  5.  Customer Support: The products you’ll get from the marketplace are developed by 3rd party developers. Therefore, support will also be provided to them. However, the support link is available on the marketplace, and the developer must respond within 48 hours. In most cases, developers respond within 24 hours of opening a support ticket.

How to Become a Divi Marketplace Author

Becoming a Divi author/seller on Divi Marketplace is very simple. You must follow some basic steps to create WordPress products and adhere to standard guidelines. 

#1 – Register

To begin with, as a Divi author, first, ensure you have the Divi theme because you need it to be able to develop products or test them. Then, you need to register to become a seller. For that, go to https://www.elegantthemes.com/marketplace/register/#/ and fill up the form on the page. 

Divi Marketplace Become a Creator Page

In the form, carefully enter your details and what’s must for becoming a Divi seller are, 

  • Tax Identification Number.
  • A copy of W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E if applicable. 
  • And a Paypal account to receive the payment.

#2 – Follow the Guidelines and Submit the Product

After submitting the form, it will take some days to review and approve your application. Once it’s approved, you can sell your Divi products. To do that, you must first log in to your seller dashboard. Choose the product type, Divi Child Theme, Divi Plugin or Divi Layouts and submit for review.

Now, before you start selling your Divi solutions on the marketplace, ensure, 

If your products meet all these requirements, they’ll be available for purchase in the marketplace. 

#3 – Enjoy the Commission

Now what’s remaining is how much commission you’ll get from the sales. Divi sellers make 70% of the sales that will happen in the marketplace for their products. 30% commission will remain on the Elegant Themes. And the payment of your sales will be made once a month within 31 days of the end of each month.

The Elegant Themes Divi Marketplace is on fire, and if you start selling your products, you’ll make a tremendous amount of revenue. 

Therefore, visit this page: https://www.elegantthemes.com/marketplace/register/#/ and start your process of becoming the Divi Creator.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s our take on Divi Theme Marketplace and how you can use it the most, whether a user or Divi developer. The marketplace is on the rise and will grow more with time, bringing amazing products and opportunities to the Divi community.

If you think you can be part of this revolution, then wait no more and take the step to either download the best products or make them available in the marketplace for other users.

We hope this post has given you more insight into the Divi Marketplace, which will help you leverage this amazing place immensely.

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