Divi 3.0.51 is a huge update for Divi theme users who were waiting for a facelift of the Contact Form module.
This feature update of Divi now allow users to create a form in Divi without using external plugin and add Select option, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes. Earlier there were only limited options in the contact form module.

The most amazing feature of 3.0.51 Divi update is not just the additional input fields (Select option, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes) but also the conditional logic for building forms which can let users create field types which only appear if users select some specific value on the form.

Here is an implementation of the new Contact Form module of Divi with conditional logic implemented to show fields depending upon users input.


This conditional form can be created in Divi theme (Now) in a few minutes. Here is a video walkthrough on how we achieved it.

Here is how the fields are displayed depending on user’s input based on the above form created using Divi Module’s conditional logic.

Value after changing option

The layout in the video above is available for download. It can be imported to Divi library after extracting the JSON file from the zip file. Download Divi Conditional Logic Layout Example.

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