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Aug 31, 2020 | Divi Resources

Divi Marketplace Guide: Plugins, Child Themes & Layouts

The new Divi Marketplace by the Elegant Themes has taken its share in the web development world. Now, Divi developers around the world can easily share their awesome products to hundreds of thousands of users. A much like independent PlayStore and AppStore for the Divi theme. Open for everybody.

However, as I said, anybody who design Divi products can list their products on the marketplace. Meaning there would be many plugins, child themes and layouts. So, it would be hard to choose the right one for the right situation. Plus, there are chances that due to some high selling products, you’d miss something great which is not visible to everyone.

Therefore, to help you find right Divi product from the Elegant Divi Marketplace, I have created this blog post. So, without any further moment let’s check out some of our best Divi plugins, child themes and layouts.

Divi Plugins

The followings plugins at the Divi Marketplace can enhance your Divi theme’s functionality in many ways. Plus, all the listed plugins have intuitive control and are highly customizable. So, you can make adjustment according to your needs.

Divi Blog Extras

Want to change the look & feel of your Divi theme’s blog page, then you should probably get the Divi Blog Extras plugin. Why? Don’t ask; there are many reasons that would excite you to have this plugin as soon as possible. With this plugin, you can change the appearance of any category archive page. You can use this plugin inside the Divi’s Theme Builder. Display current taxonomy posts. And much more with plenty of blog layouts that would change the blog page entirely in a single click. Have a look at the below features list.

Features of Divi Blog Extras

  • 7 Divi blog layouts with masonry layout support
  • Ajax Pagination
  • Custom Taxonomy Support
  • Show related post
  • Post Offset in Widget
  • Search page support
  • Tabbed & list view sidebar for recent posts
  • Read time support
  • Custom color for category tags
  • Divi 4 ready
  • And many other options

View Demo | Know More

Divi Plus

Divi Plus plugin at the Divi MarketPlace

There are many times when a Divi designer needs to add custom CSS in the existing modules to increase their functionality. However, for a freelancer or an agency, it’s a tiring job. They have to use the same CSS numerous times for numerous clients. But with the Divi Plus plugin, you can say goodbye to those custom CSS. This plugin comes with multiple advanced, easy-to-use modules that enhance the Divi theme functionality naturally. No need to add custom CSS, all you have to do is insert them on a page. And then see their magic. Moreover, modules are super easy to use, so you have no issue in your day-to-day web designing, no matter what your requirements are.

Modules available with Divi Plus plugin

  • Contact Form 7 & Caldera Form module for Divi to style the contact forms
  • Logo slider module
  • Modal to display Divi pop-ups and lightbox for videos, images, and more
  • Content Toggle module
  • Timeline module
  • Advanced Button module
  • Image Hotspot module
  • Flip box module
  • Before-After image slider
  • How To Schema module
  • Breadcrumbs module
  • Business Hours
  • Fancy Heading module
  • Fancy Text module
  • Text Animator module
  • Separator module
  • Blog Slider module
  • Price List module
  • FAQPage Schema module
  • Ajax Live Search module
  • Facebook modules for Likes, Shares, Comments, and Feed.

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Divi Testimonial Extended

Divi Testimonial Extended at the Official Elegant Divi Marketplace

Another plugin you can find on the Divi Marketplace is the Divi Testimonial Extended. Now with the native testimonial module, you can add client reviews to the website. However, those won’t slide. So, to solve this issue, we have designed this plugin. It provides you with the option to create rotating testimonials. And build trust among your website visitors in a long-lasting way.

There are 2 modules available in this plugin, Testimonial Extended & Testimonial Form, one to receive testimonial directly from the front-end, so you don’t have to create testimonials in the back-end manually. And another module to display them. Plus, the testimonial slider module has different layouts for testimonial slides and animation effects. Look closely at the features list.

More features of the Divi Testimonial Extended

  • 6 Testimonial Slider layouts
  • 4 slider animation effects: Slide, Cube, Coverflow, and Flip
  • Custom Post Type for testimonials
  • Display testimonials in Grid and Masonry view
  • Testimonials per view option
  • Ability to change review author’s image
  • 5 pagination styles: Solid Dot, Transparent, Stretched Dot, Line, and Rounded Line
  • Multiple Slider Arrow Styles
  • And many more options to present client testimonials in their best possible way.

View Demo | Know More

Divi Modal Popup

Divi Modal Popup available at the Elegant Themes marketplace

Want to add Divi Overlays and Modal Popups, then you can, for sure, use this plugin. It provides you with the ultimate options that allow you to create beautiful video popups, lightboxes, and other informative popups for Divi with this tool’s easy-to-use controls. Furthermore, there are other many features that make this plugin perfect for creating Divi Overlays. And therefore, a suitable plugin available at the Elegant Themes Divi Marketplace to create Divi modal window.

More features of the Divi Modal Popup

  • Multiple Popup Trigger Options
    • Elements
    • On-Page Load (To display popups after the page has passed the set time)
  • Various Elements Type for Triggers
    • Button
    • Image
    • Icon
    • Text
    • And CSS ID (make triggers of your choice)
  • Option to create popups for Divi for multiple elements
    • Text
    • Image
    • Video
    • And Divi Library Layouts to give you complete control on your pop up creation.
  • And Many More Customization

View Demo | Know More

Divi Blurb Extended

Enhance your Divi blurbs functionality with the Divi Blurb Extended plugin. It allows you to add blurbs with read more buttons, animations effects, and much more. In addition to these, with this plugin, you also get the Advanced Flip Box module, that allows you to create interactive flip boxes.

More features of the Divi Blurb Extended

  • 2 Blurb Module
    • Divi Blurb Extended
    • Advanced Flip Box
  • 5 blurb layouts with the Divi Extended Module
    • Classic
    • Flip Box
    • Easy Box
    • Border box
    • And Image card.
  • 6 Flip Box layouts
    • Flip
    • Zoom
    • Slide
    • 3D Cube
    • Grow
    • And Cover
  • Ability to add a read more button in Divi blurb
  • Multiple positions for the blurb icon
    • Top
    • Right
    • And Left
  • Multiple Icon Shapes
    • Circular
    • Square
    • And Hexagon
  • And many other awesome customizations to make Divi blurb look better than before.

View Demo | Know More

Divi Content Toggle

Add content in a much promising way using the Divi Content Toggle plugin. It provides you with options that let you compactly add essential content with a Divi switch. As many times primary content goes a bit longer, which useful for the search engine crawlers, but users get overwhelmed. Therefore, to overcome this issue, you can use the Content Toggle plugin, which resolves this by adding information in a short but not incomplete manner, like pricing tables, travel plans, product feature comparison table, etc.

View Demo | Know More

Divi Restro Menu

Yes, it’s right; you eat your food with your eyes first. And therefore, to present food menus in an exquisite way, the Divi Restro Menu plugin is designed. No matter what type of Divi restaurant menus you want to display on your website, using this plugin, you can do it without any extra effort. So, take a look at this plugin’s demo on the Divi Marketplace and decide for yourself. But first, check out its features listed below,

More features of Divi Restro Menu

  • Multiple Restaurant Menu Layouts
    • Layout 1: Add thumbnail side by side to the food description
    • Layout 2: Add food items thumbnail above to the description
  • Support for Custom Post Type
  • Create Food Menus with Category Filter Bar
  • Add food items in columns
  • Easily specify the price, ingredients, short description, and much more.

View Demo | Know More

Divi Post Extended

If you’re still reading this blog post, then it’s not only because it contains useful information, rather the way in which the content presented on it is also important. And that’s what Divi Post Extended plugin does. It gives you the controls to make your article or blog post look engaging and easy-to-read.

Using this module, you can change a post’s appearance in multiple ways and for multiple post formats. Moreover, each control of this plugin is super easy that you won’t find any issue when it comes to enhancing the posts’ engagement, readability, and content delivery.

More features of the Divi Post Extended

  • Unique and Beautiful Multiple Divi blog post layouts
    • Stellar
    • Prime
    • Classic
    • Valliant
    • And Lush
  • Multiple Post Format Support
    • Standard
    • Gallery
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Link
    • And Quote
  • Options to specify on which post you want to use the post layouts
  • Estimate read time support
  • Responsive to all screen resolutions
  • Display sidebar.

View Demo | Know More

Divi Child Themes

With no doubt we say Divi is one of the advanced WordPress theme with a page builder of robust nature. And what makes Divi theme more functional are the child themes we can get from the Divi Marketplace. Below are some of the best Divi child themes you can find at official marketplace. Moreover, using these child themes, you can create a website for any occasion. Let’s see what we got!

Divi Real Estate

Divi Real Estate for Divi Marketplace

Want to build a real estate business or realtor website using the Divi theme, then you won’t any child theme better than Divi RealEstate. Why? Because it offers multiple homepage layouts one with Buy-Sell CTAs and another with property listing. Multiple pre-build necessary pages to set up your real estate business quickly. Moreover, a lot of custom templates for the Divi theme builder to make your website look much better and engaging when it comes to do marketing about your business.

More features of the Divi RealEstate

  • Multiple homepage layout with CTAs & Filterable Property Listing.
  • Customizable homepage sections.
  • Pre-built pages include: About, Service page, Individual Service page, Listing page, Locations, Career, Contact Us, FAQ page, Inspection page, and Search property page.
  • Multiple page layouts: Full-Width Page, Right, and Life Sidebar page.
  • Integrated with Easy Property Listing Plugin
  • Multiple custom templates: Over 10+ blog page layouts, 10 single post layouts and 5 search results page layouts.

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Divi Edu

The Divi Edu child theme can help you can create an extensive website for schools, colleges, universities, or any other educational institutes. The pages and layouts comes with the child theme are highly customizable and of modern standard. So, when you create a website for institute it won’t look outdated or something of 90s.

More features of the Divi Edu

  • Over 10+ pre-build pages include: Homepage, About, Facilities, Faculty, Careers, Contact Us, etc.
  • Over 6+ single post layouts for the Divi theme builder.
  • Multiple blog page layouts
  • Multiple individual courses pages
  • Header layouts
  • Footer layouts
  • Image gallery & slider support inside facilities page
  • Testimonial sections
  • Map & direction section
  • Responsive to all devices

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Divi Dental

Divi Dental at the Elegant Themes Marketplace

So, if you in need of creating a dental clinic or dentist website, then going with the Divi Dental child theme is an excellent choice. It comes all the necessary pages required. Moreover, its modern design, features, and lightweight size can allow you to create a website more than the purpose oral healthcare. Check out the below feature list to know more about the Divi Dental child theme.

More features of the Divi Dental

  • Multiple pre-built pages for a dentist website: Homepage, Office (with Doctor, Staff, and Office Tour subsections), Testimonials, 6 Treatment Pages, Patient Forms, First Visit, Cost of Treatment, FAQs, Refer a Friend, Map & Direction, and Appointment Form.
  • Divi Theme Builder layouts: 2 category archive page layout, 5 header, and 5 footer layouts.
  • Secondary Menu Bar
  • Testimonials Sections
  • Contact Forms included
  • Display Visiting Hours
  • And much more.

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Divi Girl

Divi Girl feminine child theme

If you’re looking for a Divi child theme specifically for female entrepreneurs or professionals, then there are 90% chances that you’d find your desired website look & feel in the child theme. 10% chances are you’re not using Divi theme. Therefore, if you’re looking for a Divi child theme whether for your female client or your own website. This, Divi Girl, child theme would fit your requirements just right in.

More features of the Divi Girl

  • Over 12 homepage layouts
    • Extended: Default homepage with wide hero space, team sections, products & more.
    • Blog: A blogging homepage for female bloggers.
    • Lifecoach: Turn your Divi theme for female coaches
    • Speaker: A modern homepage designed for female motivational speakers
    • Services
    • Yoga Trainers
    • Makeup Artist
    • Author
    • Seniorcare
    • Childcare
    • Musician
    • Wedding Planner
  • Additional pages
  • And over 40+ custom layouts for Divi theme builder
    • 10 Blog page layouts
    • 5 WooCommerce product page layouts
    • 6 Single post layouts
    • 5 Header layouts
    • 5 Footer layouts

View Demo | Know More


A single page modern Divi child theme for freelancers to showcase their expertise and talent to companies around the world. This child theme would look amazing and add extra points to your skills. It includes multiple customizable homepage sections that are About section, Skills, services, Work Experience, Testimonials, Project/Portfolio, and Links to the latest blogs. Moreover, this child also hosts additional features that make it a complete child theme for freelancers.

More features of the Divilancer

  • Modern vertical menu bar
  • Resume download button
  • Testimonial slider
  • Work experience slider
  • Skills progress bar
  • Project slider
  • Contact form
  • And social profile links both in the header and footer section

View Demo | Know More

Divi Classic Agency

Divi Classic Agency child theme at the Divi Marketplace

For entrepreneurs providing services for either B2B or B2C, it’s essential to have their business website. And with the Divi theme, you can build an impressive website for an agency without any issue. Furthermore, using the Divi Classic Agency child theme, you’d be able to make your Divi agency website even more functional. It includes multiple pre-built pages, layouts, and sections that are essential when it comes to creating an agency website. So, if you want to create an agency website either for yourself or your client. No matter what business, the Divi Classic Agency child theme is the one you’re looking for.

More features of the Divi Classic Agency

  • Pre-built pages included: About us, Our Team, Services, Portfolio, Testimonial, and Contact us.
  • Divi 4 layouts included
    • 5 header layouts
    • 5 footer layouts
    • 2 blog and category archives 
    • 4 post layouts
  • Ready to use child theme with easy customizations
  • Homepage with multiple sections
  • Custom Post Types for Testimonials
  • Custom built portfolio pages
  • Client logo slider
  • Testimonial slider
  • Nice hover effects on services section
  • Mobile friendly page
  • Responsive design
  • Contact Forms included
  • And CTA for easy contact

View Demo | Know More

Divi Attorney

To build a law firm or lawyer website using the Divi theme, then choosing Divi Attorney would be an excellent choice. What you get with Divi attorney is the standard law firm design, fulfilling all the requirements an attorney website need in today’s time. Plus, it’s an highly customizable child theme, which means you can easily make changes in website’s appearance. Moreover, pre-built pages available with this child theme makes it easy to set up your online presence as quickly as possible. In addition to all these, you get plenty other features included in it, so you can make most from your online attorney presence.

More features of the Divi Attorney

  • Over 10+ pre-built pages: Home, About Us (with FAQs and an easy consultancy form), Services, Services Detail, Attorneys, Attorney Profile, FAQs, Pricing, Career, Blog, and Contact Us.
  • Over 35 Divi 4 templates
    • 5 header templates 
    • 5 footer templates
    • Over 10 different blog page templates
    • 10 blog post templates
    • And 5 search results templates

View Demo | Know More

Divi Chef

Who likes terrible taste? None. Similarly, nobody likes a bad website for a restaurant or food blogger. Therefore, to provide users a better option for their restaurant website, we’ve got the Divi Chef child theme. It includes the feature to display restaurant food menus, add filter on them, and much more. It’s a suitable child theme for restaurants, cake shops, bakeries, ice-cream parlors, food blogs, and other food offering businesses. Check out the below list to know more about Divi Chef.

More features of the Divi Chef

  • Ready-to-use child theme with multiple pre-built necessary restaurant website pages.
  • Multiple custom post types for events and menus.
  • Create filterable food menus.
  • And multiple header, footer & blog layouts for the Divi Theme Builder.

View Demo | Know More

Divi App

Developed a mobile application, and now in need of creating its website on Divi theme? Then, the Divi App child theme can become a part of your mobile application’s journey. It got customizable sections, pricing layout, contact form, testimonials, and many other things a mobile application website should have. Using this Divi child theme, you’d be able to build a site that would represent the application at its best.

View Demo | Know More

1-click easy demo import option

Another great feature you get with these child themes available at the Divi marketplace is that you can import the demo in just a single click. So, you don’t have to give extra effort to import all the demo content on your website one-by-one. All you have to do is just select what you want to import, and press import. That’s it, all of the demo content will get imported to their respective locations.

Divi Layouts

Plugins, child themes, and the another Divi extension that makes a Divi website complete are the layouts. So, you can take benefit from the website from every area of it. Therefore, check out the below layouts available at the Divi Marketplace. And enhance your website’s functionality as much as you can.

Divi Blog Layouts

Divi blog layout at the Divi marketplace

To change the look and feel of your blog pages, then these blog layouts available at the Divi marketplace are one of the best layouts you can have for the Divi Theme Builder. Each layout includes variation in their design to place posts, have CTA to newsletters, customized read more link, subscribers form, and a lot more features you want in a blog page layout. Check out below blog page layouts to bring change in your category archive pages.

More Divi blog page layouts

Divi Post Layouts

Divi post layouts at the Divi marketplace

Similar to the Divi Post Extended plugin, the post layouts available at the Divi marketplace allows users to change single post content’s style using the Divi Theme Builder. Moreover, using custom templates for the posts, you’ve also got the option to make changes in the post’s appearance. Plus, you can also decide on which article you want to apply the custom template. Check out below custom post layouts to bring change in the article’s look & feel.

More Divi post layouts

Divi WooCommerce Layouts

Divi WooCommerce layouts at the Divi marketplace

Likewise, the Divi blog and post layouts, the WooCommerce layouts available at the Divi marketplace, allow you to customize the appearance & functionality of your digital store’s products in the Divi Theme Builder. Therefore, if you want to bring changes in your Divi store’s products, then you should try these below WooCommerce layouts.

More Divi WooCommerce layouts

Bookmark this blog post

Why? Because more Divi plugins, child themes, and layouts are on their way. So, whenever you’re in search of something new, you can get back to this article easy, and look for something afresh. Therefore, it’s recommended you bookmark this blog post keeping the future in mind.

If you think this blog post has helped you to find something you’re looking for, then let me know in the comments.

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