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Divi Child Theme

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What Is a Divi Child Theme?

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes today. Its intuitive page builder is a developer’s heaven which allows creating and managing a website extremely easy. Divi supports creating a child theme which extends default theme features and includes additional functionalities. These functionalities can either be a change in default divi header, footer, page templates or creation of a post type using custom functions file.

A basic Divi child theme contains a style.css file which can be used to override the default style settings of Divi. But combined with the power of Divi library along with Import & Export feature, much more can be achieved with a Divi child theme. It allows exporting a template structure built with Divi and imports it on any website running on the same theme.

This high portability in Divi theme has given a wide range of options for users to create a website in no time using many ready to use Divi child themes, layouts and templates.

How a Divi Child Theme Can Help You Create a Professional Website Easily?

A premium Divi child theme is a complete website saved as Divi library and can be imported on a fresh WordPress installation or on an existing website to create a website like a given demo.

In general, an industry-specific Divi template or a Divi layout has a complete set of pages required to build a website. This allows a professional or an individual working with a Divi child theme to import all the pages and without working on the design, just change the content and go live in a very short period of time.

Use Divi Child Theme and Save Time

As a Divi child theme for a specific website is build with a focus on the industry, there are all the pages already present and if a user installs the child theme, he gets all the pages already and just need to put content replacing any demo text if available on the page. As this process saves 100% of the time required to build a page, the focus is on content and thus saves not only time but a significant amount of money as well.

There are Divi theme templates available for almost all the popular website niche and a user just need to look for it in the marketplaces and get them implemented.

Divi Child Themes & Layouts by Divi Extended

Divi Extended has a few quality child themes for Divi. Here are some of the popular ones. In case if you are looking for a Divi layout for your next project, you can check our demo sites and get started with your next awesome project.

Looking Beyond a Child Theme? We Can Help!

Do you have a visual of your own child theme for your next WordPress or Divi project? We can help you and create a custom solution. Drop us a line and we will get in touch with you.

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