Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on 20 Feb 2020 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Here is a brand new and desired plugin for Divi WordPress theme called “Divi Blog Extras.” The goal of this plugin, which works on top of the Divi theme, is to add an additional Divi blog module in the library for generating beautiful category pages. This module can be used as the native blog module and included on a page or page using page builder and generate blog layouts as selected by users.

We developed this plugin because we wanted users who create websites using Divi theme to have more options to style their blog archive pages and to go beyond the standard Divi theme blog layout. Here is how the standard Divi category pages look like,

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After the application of Divi Blog Extras, this is what can be achieved for the category pages.

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This beautiful transformation of the category archive pages can give a very balanced look and feel, to high design-oriented sites. In order to implement these Divi blog layouts on a website (either existing or new website), here is what that needs to be done. First we need to download the plugin from our website.

Once the plugin is downloaded, it can be uploaded to the site using a standard plugin upload method from the WordPress dashboard.

Divi Blog Extras Divi Category and Blog Layout

Once the plugin is uploaded, we need to visit the Install plugin page and browse the plugin to install it.

Divi Category and Blog Layout

You can double-check if the plugin is activated or not. It should be on the list of plugins as shown in the screenshot.

Divi Blog Extras Divi Category and Blog Layout

The next step is to go to any page and load Divi page builder. It is like using the standard Divi builder for inserting the blog module. We can choose a column as per our requirement. We recommend full width of 3/4 layout for the best look and feel. Once the layout is set, we need to hit the Insert Module.

Divi Category and Blog Layout

Divi Blog Extras Plugin adds a module with the name “Divi Blog Extras” and it can be found on the Insert Module page of Divi page builder.

Divi Category and Blog Layout

This is the most important screen of the plugin where we select the layout of our choice. Select blog layout (from the available list of layouts. In the current version we have 6 layouts).

Divi Category and Blog Layout

Finally, we are good to go and here is how the page will look after insertion of the Divi Blog Extras blog module. The page can be published the category archive page will be displayed as per the selected layout in the previous step.

Divi Blog Extras Divi Category and Blog Layout

This plugin can be a very good choice for web development agencies and freelancers who use Divi theme to design client sites and want to do something new for the blog archive page. More information can be found below.

Classic Layout

Grid Extended Layout

Box Extended Layout

Full-Width Layout

Fullwidth Background Layout

Block Extended Layout

A quick walkthrough video on how the plugin could be used.

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