Designing a website to adapt modern standards, you should know the depths of web designing and development. However, with page builder available in today’s time provides a lot of help. For both beginners and professionals. And the Divi theme and its page builder is one of them. Giving users multiple possibilities to easily create a high-quality website of modern design. Moreover, if you want to add extra features in the Divi theme and give users more ways to design websites, then Divi Plus is one of the essential plugin available.

Using this same plugin and its module Fancy Heading, we’ve designed some custom heading that you can consider as your inspiration to design.

10 appealing custom heading examples

Fancy Heading Example


Above, we’ve shown you 10 custom heading examples created using Fancy Heading module of the Divi Plus plugin. It’s a multipurpose plugin that adds multiple module to the Divi theme. It allows users to create Divi Breadcrumbs, Fancy Text, Headings, Separators, and Before and After slider. Moreover, each module available with plugin, comes with multiple features, which further gives users options to design even more beautiful web pages and their elements.

If you’ve already tried this module or Divi Plus plugin, then let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Divi 4 header footer pack

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