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November 28, 2022 / Divi Resources, General News / By

Didn't make it to the Black Friday Super Sale? No problem, the discount season at Divi Extended is still on, and during the next few days, you can avail FLAT 30% Discount on...

November 22, 2022 / Divi Resources, General News / By

Hear! Hear! The Black Friday Super Sale 2022 at Divi Extended is live. All the best deals, biggest discounts and free prizes are making their way to the users’ cart. If you’re...

November 21, 2022 / Divi Resources, General News / By

This year’s Black Friday Super Sale is about to start in a few hours. If you haven’t added the sale to your calendar, then it’s the last chance to do that and get ready when the...

Divi Extended Black Friday 2022 Sneak Peek
November 11, 2022 / Blog, Divi Resources, General News / By

The Black Friday Super Sale at Divi Extended is Coming Early this year. And this time, we’re giving the biggest discounts on our best-selling Divi products. Plus, you can win...

Introducing Divi Theme for Events
November 1, 2022 / Divi Resources, General News / By

Using a theme for events, you can manage and sell tickets on the website. Utilizing various layouts such as Calendar, Pricing and Events, you can profoundly present the...

WooCommerce Templates
September 2, 2022 / Divi Resources, General News, WooCommerce / By

What type of Divi WooCommerce templates are you looking for? A Divi WooCommerce shop page layout, product page layout, cart layout, or everything? Whether you're behind one or...

Introducing Styler for Gravity Forms in Divi
August 16, 2022 / Divi Resources, General News / By

To style and insert Gravity Forms in Divi isn't a simple task. It's a long, step-driven, and complex procedure. You have to deal with Gravity Forms functions, then Divi's, and...

Add Instagram Feed to Your Divi Website
August 2, 2022 / Divi Resources / By

Does your client want to add an Instagram Feed to Divi? Or is it only you who wants to improve the website’s engagement by setting up a live Instagram Feed on the website? In...

Website Elements to Impress Users
July 11, 2022 / Blog / By

Call them basic elements, major elements, or simply elements, some parts of a website are needed more than most. Unlike other website elements, such as Carousel, Particle...

Boost Knowledge of Divi
July 4, 2022 / Divi Resources / By

Having knowledge of something always helps with the task at hand. The same is true with Divi. If you’re working on a Divi web design, you can always leverage Divi resources. Yet,...

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