Divi Post Extended

3 beautiful Divi post layouts Post format support Easy to use Version 1.0.4 Last updated 19 April 2019

Divi Post Extended is a plugin to enhance appearance of Divi single post template. This plugin has three beautiful Divi post layouts which can be applied to all or selected blog posts. The available Divi post layout options are Stellar, Prime and Classic. These layouts not only transform the default Divi single post layout but also the WordPress post formats including Gallery, Video, Quote, Link and Audio.

Divi Post Extended

3 beautiful Divi post layouts Post format support Easy to use Version 1.0.4 Last updated 19 April 2019

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Looking for Divi blog post layout options?

This plugin is ideal choice for users who want to use power of Divi to create a blog with beautiful post layouts.

Change the look and feel of posts on a Divi website. No coding and manual editing of the individual post is required. Check out the demo for available Divi post layout options.

New Divi blog post layouts

Divi Post Extended changes the way Divi single post template works. It overrides the default Divi single post layout and displays posts with a unique and modern look.




Website Help
Website Help

3 unique Divi post layouts

There are 3 available options to chose from to give the posts a new look and feel. These layouts are Stellar, Classic and Prime.

These layouts can be applied with or without sidebar globally or per post basis. 


No code or post editing required

There is no editing of individual Divi blog posts required in order to use Divi Post Extended.

It is not a Divi library layout and thus there is no need to copy the layouts to a post and add content. It works as a plugin and can be applied in less than a minute with a few clicks.


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Website Help

Post format support

One of the coolest feature in Divi Post Extended is the ability to use the existing layouts with different post formats and create a unique look along with maintaining the post type functionalities.

For example, the gallery post type can automatically grab all the images added as gallery on a post and display the images in form of a grid at top. The audio and video post formats shows play button for the media included as audio/video. Check out the demo for more information.


Apply on selected or all posts

Divi Post Extended can be applied to a specific or all blog posts. The plugin also has option to use the default layout available in Divi theme.

This makes it possible to apply a custom layout by overriding the global settings on selected posts.

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Website Help

Estimated Read Time

Divi Post Extended can display estimated read time for each blog post. The number of words per minute can be defined in the plugin setting page and based on this value, estimated read time in minutes in displayed on each post.

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