Divi Plus

Version 1.1.0 Last Updated Nov 28 2019 5 Divi Modules Frontend Builder Supported

An Ultimate Divi modules pack with loads of unique module that takes Divi customization, responsiveness, and performance to a whole new level!

Divi 4.0 compatible with 5 unique Divi modules that are essential for everyday website designing

Divi Plus

Version 1.1.0 Last Updated Nov 28 2019 5 Divi Modules Frontend Builder Supported

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Enrich Your Divi Theme Page Building Experience.

An easy to use plugin with many customizations to create beautiful and attractive website elements. Like headings, texts, separators, breadcrumbs, and before-after slider for image comparison. Use your imagination and create amazing Divi website elements. Also, using these Divi modules, users can easily create a beautiful Divi website within no time. A fully compatible plugin with Divi 4.0 and its new Theme Builder. All you have to do is use your imagination and create amazing Divi pages with the power of Divi Page Builder and our easy-to-use Divi modules. Check out Divi Plus to make your Divi website look more beautiful than ever before.


 Divi Plus has modules for Breadcrumbs, Headings, Text, Separator, and Before-After Slider for image comparison. Every module has multiple options to help you create designs of your choice with more functionality and flexibility. Suitable to anyone who’s looking for Divi breadcrumbs module, Divi divider and separator module, widget module, Divi WordPress website, image module, Divi slider module, and more.

Fancy Heading Module: Easily create beautiful headings without coding

Now with Divi Plus Fancy Heading module, you have many possibilities to design and create custom heading for your Divi theme website without writing any heading CSS. Divi Plus Fancy Heading module is an ultimate Divi headings (h1-h6) customizer module that can create the most compelling headings of a different color, font styles and font-weight. You can even set the background of the heading with color, gradient, or image.

Using this module, you will be able to create beautiful headings that increase the engagement of the visitors to the content on your website more than ever. 

divi plus fancy heading
Divi restaurant menu plugin

Fancy Text Module: Use gradient or background image to the text of your website

Don’t just add simple text on your website because with the Divi Plus Fancy Text module, you’ve got the power to add attractive text with many amazing customizations. This Divi text module allows you to add text having gradient and background image with lots of other customization. So, your website’s content can look more vibrant and promising, which users like to see and engage with.

Before After Slider Module: Smart image comparison

It’s a new way to compare two versions of an image. With Divi Plus Before After Slider module, you’ve got the option to compare pictures together with a cool slider. No need to add images side by side.

It has many customization features to make Before After Slider more promising. Like multiple sliders (includes click and without click slider), orientations (horizontal and vertical), overlay, and custom label support. Divi 4.0 compatible and responsive to all screen resolution.

divi before after slider
Divi restaurant menu plugin

Divi Breadcrumbs Module: You won’t find anywhere!

Divi Plus Breadcrumbs module helps the user navigate the website in an elegant and easy way. It has multiple attractive Divi breadcrumbs layouts that attract the users, and they find it the easiest way to navigate throughout the site.

Divi Plus Breadcrumb module is fully compatible with Divi 4.0 and follows all the guidelines of Google to make a page appear in search results with breadcrumbs. Divi Plus Breadcrumb module is a quick and effortless approach to create breadcrumbs in your Divi theme. Plus, with this module, you will not need Yoast SEO or any other plugin to form breadcrumbs. This single module takes care of everything related to breadcrumbs and how they’ll appear on the search result.

Using this module, you’ll not only help the user, but you’d also help search engines to index your website on the server in the right and standard manner.

Separator Module: With multiple line styles, gradient and icons support

Using the Divi Plus Separator module, you can add stylish separators to your website. It has 8 fantastic separator line types, which you can use to add separator on webpages. Along with many separator line types, it also allows the user to add separator with a text or cool icon. Even using this module, you can add separator lines having a shadow effect with multiple customizations. Like, thickness, color, and more. Furthermore, Divi Plus Separator comes with many other customizations to make the separator stunning and stylish even more.

Divi builder module for displaying menu items

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