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A premium Divi Blog layout plugin and highly customizable Divi Blog Module with Archive, Custom Post Type support, and more. It adds 10 beautiful blog layouts with multiple variations to the Divi theme. All layouts are fully responsive and can be used to create stunning Divi blog pages and layouts without any coding skills.

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Divi Blog Extras

Powerful and Feature-Rich Divi Blog Layout Plugin

In this Divi Blog Module, you’ll get 10 beautiful Divi blog layouts for your Divi and Extra theme. Using these stunning Divi blog page layouts, you can easily create a beautiful Divi blog page in nearly no time. This plugin is compatible with Divi and Extra theme and has Ajax loading along with numbered pagination to display unlimited posts on a page. Divi Blog Extras is one of the Divi Plugins that powers more than 50,000 websites and offers very friendly support and regular plugin updates. Divi Blog Extras can also be used as a category page builder. Use the power of Divi builder and create your own category archive page using Divi modules and save it to the library and use it as a category archive page.

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10 Divi Blog Layouts

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Highly Customizable Divi Blog Module

Divi Blog Extras can easily transform the look and feel of a blog page running on Divi and Extra theme. All the available Divi blog layouts are highly customizable from the builder and can also be overridden in child theme to obtain a completely new layout. Customize Divi blog module as you want.

Divi Blog Module

10 Blog Layouts for Divi

In addition to the two layouts available in the default blog module, Divi Blog Extras has 10 beautiful blog page layouts. With just a few clicks, you can create a stunning blog page in no time with the available blog layout options.

The latest additions to the module are List and Vertical Grid layouts.

Using these new layouts, you can display posts in the optimized list, and grid supporting up to 5 columns and custom spacing.

Divi Blog Layouts

Display Posts on Blog Page in a Masonry Design

Increase user engagement and session duration with the Masonry blog layout that allows you to place blog posts in a masonry design. And not just simple masonry layout but with different attractive masonry blog page variations — Vertical Grid, Grid Extended, Block Extended, and Background Cover. Using this layout of the Divi Blog Extras plugin, you can define the number of columns for the masonry up to 5 columns. Plus, customize column space, change featured image position, display category filter, and a lot more exciting features to make your Divi blog page stand out.

Masonry Blog Design

Create Blog Pages That Can Slide in Different Styles

The new Slider layout added to the Divi Blog Extras plugin enables you to create blog pages that can slide posts on an interactive carousel. It includes 4 different slider layout variations making it possible to bring diversity to your Divi website’s blog pages — showcasing different posts from different categories. That’s not it; the Slider layout also adds different slider effects – Coverflow, Cube, Slide, and Flip – to maximize your Divi slider blog page’s interactivity as well as look and feel.

With these, you can also display slider arrows, pagination dots; enable slider loop, autoplay slider, customize posts gap, define the number of posts per slide, and more. View demo to check out the Slider layout working for the best.

Divi Blog Slider

Make it Easy to Select Posts With Category Filter

The category filter lets website visitors easily find their favorite topic on your blog page. Enable the filter whenever you need it. You can customize your blog category filter to match your website’s design specifications. It also allows you to change the background color of both Active and Inactive category text, apply text customizations, and show/hide ‘All posts’ links.

Furthermore, define the order by which the filter should display posts and keep a specific category active by default while the page loads or opens.

Blog Category Filter Bar

Divi Blog Module With Advanced Sidebar Widget

There are two available options for displaying posts in the sidebar widget in rich format. These two options are tabbed and list view with customization option to include featured image, author meta control and more.

Blog Sidebar Widget

Sort and Order the Posts With Ease

Divi Blog Extras lets you arrange your blog posts in a specific order based on the date, modification date, title, ID, comment count, and many other attributes. Display them in an ascending or descending order as per your requirements. This feature helps to give your blog a more current and tidy appearance.

Divi Blog Extras

Responsive Blog Pages

All the layouts of Divi Blog Extras are device responsive and highly customizable. With the ability to control font size and featured images on mobile devices, this plugin can maintain a proper user experience without slowing down the site.

Responsive Blog Pages

Show Custom/Manual Post Excerpt

If you’re using a manual excerpt for the post and displaying it on the blog page, then you can do it easily with Divi Blog Extras. It offers a dedicated option to turn on showcasing post excerpts with just a single click.

Support for Custom Post Types

Support for Custom Post Types

Support for Blog Reading Time

Blog Reading Time

Blog Pages With Category, Tag, Author and Date Support

This newly introduced feature allows creating a custom category archive page in Divi builder. This is truly exciting for users who want to design their custom category archive page and also add other Divi modules on it.

This gives great control over the top and bottom area of the category archive pages which can include CTA, Opt-in form, or almost anything which can be created using Divi builder that other Divi plugins for blog page lacks.

Trusted by 50,000+ Websites

Divi Blog Extras is now powering more than 50,000 websites running on Divi, Extra, and Divi Builder Plugin. With many features implemented based on the feature requests from users, it is one of the favorite choices for users to select Divi Blog Extras.

Divi Blog Archive Layout

Frequent Updates

Just like other premium Divi plugins available on Divi Extended, Divi Blog Extras is also updated regularly to work with the most recent version of WordPress, Divi, and Extra theme. Released in 2017 and still continue to get improvements and feature updates in a timely manner.

Divi Blog Template

Download 60+ Customized Blog Pages Created Using Divi Blog Extras

Apart from in-built layouts, we have also a collection of full blog pages created using Divi Blog Extras which can be downloaded and imported on your website. Check out these prebuilt layouts if you want to go an extra mile and achieve even more with Divi Blog Extras

Free Prebuild Blog Layouts

26 reviews for Divi Blog Extras

  1. Judy Macdonald

    I love the look of this addition and would like to incorporate it into some of my customers websites

  2. Tyler

    I recently purchased Divi Blog Extras plugin and I have to say that it is very promising.

  3. Tess

    We love Divi.. but the blog layouts are not that great. This plugin changed everything. Thank you for an excellent product!

  4. Chris

    Awesome plugin, that extends the possibilities from Divi. Plus: the support is great as well!

  5. Tamara Huth

    Thanks for your the great plugin..it is wonderful and just what I was looking for.

  6. Robert McMillen

    Love the creative ways I can change my blog look.

  7. Jason (verified owner)

    This is a great plugin. The blog layouts look great, it doesn’t seem to slow page loads to any significant degree, and it just works. The one time I needed support the response was quick and the extended license is a great deal. Highly recommend!

  8. Greg Koski (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin, even better service! Support was responded to within 24 hrs and provided CSS help for the plugin that was exceptional, went through this twice on two different issues, just as great each time!

  9. Sheila

    This plugin has provided great options for displaying the blog uniquely in Divi. The support has been great and they helped me to adjust one of the layouts to be exactly what a client was looking for. So glad I purchased the Extended license! Thanks!

  10. Howard (verified owner)

    DIVI Blog Extras is an excellent product. Functional, stylish, good value and very importantly, robust. Highly recommended.

  11. inge (verified owner)

    This plugin makes my blog page look awesome! Really loving it. I could never achieve these looks and functionality by writing my own css and code 😉 Thanks!!

  12. netpotion (verified owner)

    In a world full of buggy and non-working 3rd party plugins, DIVI Blog Extras is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Installed, activated, and did what I needed to do. Absolutely no hassles and no problems at all. The results are gorgeous, too.

    Contacted support immediately to upgrade to an unlimited license and was responded to in a very quick manner.

    Would give this plugin 10 stars if I could. Very well done!

  13. Victor

    This plugin solves one major weakness of Divi: The limited blog module. Divi Blog Extras opens up a range of new blog designs and tweaks. I also like the recent update with a nice widget option displaying the latest posts in the sidebar.

    This is one of three plugins that I use for all my Divi websites. Extra plus for quick and nice support.

  14. Noor (verified owner)

    It’s great to have extra blog design options, considering the little variety Divi itself is offering. The designs look great and work well. I was extra happy to find I can style my category pages in the same style. A support question I had was answered only one hour later. So very positive about support too.

  15. Lisa-Ann (verified owner)

    A great plugin to supplement the (rather boring and mundane) Divi blog layout. Easy to install, set up, and customize. Lots of options and little (if any) impact on page load times. It just plain works, and looks great while doing so. A definite must have for my Divi arsenal.

  16. MiroslavKnedla (verified owner)

    Great solution for corporate blog. Many setting options, beautiful look. I look forward to the next updates

  17. Jeffrey petty (verified owner)

    Love the product and the customer support could not be better. Very pleased

  18. Joan Margau (verified owner)

    The ability to style a blog page layout with Divi Blog Extras created a whole new level of professional clean looking blog pages. All my clients use this plugin and they are happy with how it works. It also comes with a Widget which you can put into the Sidebar or the Footer area. You can style and pull in blog posts with six different layouts! Now that’s extending Divi and then some. You can also create Blog Page Templates and Category Page Templates in the Divi Theme Builder! I love using this plugin!

  19. Daven (verified owner)

    Wow. This plugin is exactly what I was looking for. Literally a minute after installing it, I realized its worth — and breathed a huge sigh of relief. This single plugin has removed my biggest frustration with Divi (it’s limiting blog module) and saved me countless hours of time. I only wish I had known about it sooner!

  20. Robert Williams (verified owner)

    It got me to where I needed to be eventually, which is more than I can say for any of the other Divi custom blog modules I tried.
    A nice grid would’ve been good.
    The ability to extend the layout templates in your child theme was helpful.
    What would be MORE helpful would be the ability to create and name your own extended layouts, or at least give your extended layout a new (more descriptive) name.

  21. Pamela Piquette

    Divi Blog Extras is an exceptional plugin, providing many alternative ways to display posts not only on pages but within blog posts. Adding Divi Blog Extras within our Contributing Writer’s posts and newsletters entices readers to check out past posts. A recent update caused a glitch in the posts. The tech team discovered and fixed the issue for me and will be including the fix in their next update, so all users will benefit. It’s such a gift to ask for help and to receive professional support. These folks simply provide an excellent product and great support.

  22. Sinisa (verified owner)

    DiviExtended plugins works flawlessly. Until now I bought Divi Blog Extras and Divi Blurb Extended.
    Divi theme still has some limitation regarding the Blog styles (you can change layout and style for Posts in Theme editor, but not for Blog), and Divi Blog Extras is solution which works and looks excellent.

  23. Sarah Austin (verified owner)

    I have used the Divi Blog Extras plugin on several client websites since 2017. Love it. There’s a layout to suit any site, and a good choice of styling options (all intuitive to apply and work seamlessly with Divi). This has been a very reliable plugin and thoughtfully developed since the first version. I have never had any reason to contact support until today – the response was timely and very helpful. I’m impressed, and would have no hesitation in recommending Divi Extended and their plugins.

  24. Pablo Reparaz

    It’s been just two days since I ‘ve purchased the Divi blog extras plugin and I’m trying to understand how it works. I received a wonderful support by chat and now I’ll go on with my learning of this interesting plugin for Divi. I’m very grateful.

  25. Simon Price (verified owner)

    Blog Extras allows you to create beautiful and stylish layouts for your website. I particularly like the Suggested Post sidebar widget and the ability to have three posts display along side it. Very happy with my purchase!

  26. Julia (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin and outstanding customer support ! I was having issues with the plugin and sent a message to customer support. I got a response within the hour. I couldn’t believe it. Marshall from customer support was most helpful. We exchanged emails back and forth, he replied extremely quickly each and every time, and even kindly made some changes himself. Highly recommend this plugin and this company. I will definitely be purchasing more products from them.

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