Divi Blog Layout Pack

Divi is one of the most versatile and powerful WordPress themes in today’s time, which is used by thousands of companies, individuals, retail stores, and professionals for building websites for their industry. The look and feel of Divi pages can be controlled very well using the Page builder. But when it comes to the Divi category layout, it still lacks the visual charm. The Divi blog module has an option to include blogs on a page, but the end result is very much similar to the category or archive page.

The Divi Blog Layout Pack by Divi Extended is a plugin that can be used to create a very beautiful and appealing blog layout on an existing Divi theme. In order to get the Divi Blog Layout Pack work, the plugin needs to be installed on a Divi based website. Once activated after installation, it goes to the Divi module selection window and works similarly to the Divi blog layout module but with a completely different and cool design.

The plugin can be used to create a rich archive and blog page. Order Divi Blog Layout Pack now and give a fresh breeze to your Divi category layout.