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Info about Divi 4.10+ compatibility update

Divi released one of its biggest updates that improve page speed and website performance significantly.

In this update, the way JS and CSS are handled has been changed and this has led to some compatibility issues with the third-party plugins.

We have released Divi Blog Extras 2.6.3.

Still facing an issue after updating to Divi Blog Extras 2.6.3?

Try this solution if you have already updated to Divi Blog Extras 2.6.3

Clear your website cache including the Divi builder cache.

In order to do that, Go to Divi Theme Builder >> Builder >> Advanced >> Clear.

If you have the mentioned setting in a disabled state, enable it and clear the cache again. Once done, you can disable it again.

Alternate solution 1

If the above solution still doesn’t work, you could use the backup solution (by adding the following CSS to your page or Divi Theme).

.et_pb_blog_extras .et-waypoint:not(.et_pb_counters) {
opacity: 1;


.et-waypoint:not(.et_pb_counters) {
opacity: 1;

Alternate solution 2

Another backup solution you could try is disabling the Dynamic CSS.

These two solutions will be used as a temp solution so that you could contact us at [email protected] meanwhile. Please send us an email with your site access so that we can investigate the issue further.